2016 Superlatives


I realize that 2017 is well underway but when I sat down to write a post about my 2016 makes I ran into a problem - namely, that in reviewing my posts from the past year I realized that I never posted about fifty percent of the things that I had made.  This is what you get when you've been a slacker for the past twelve months.  So, folks, this is about one part "2016 superlatives" and with a smidgen of catch-up thrown in for fun.  And with that little disclaimer, let's get started!


Okay, first up - most worn for me.  To choose this bra and undie set feels like a bit of a cop-out since I chose this pattern as a favorite pattern in 2015,  but this little lacy Watson set is definitely one of my most worn items for the year.  This was the year I finally tried out the long-line version of the Watson (with my first attempt being a disaster thanks to the printing ratio being off) and I successfully experimented with making the Watson with lace edging, which I officially adore.  Oh, Watson, you are so simple, yet so freaking awesome.

And as for the kids, probably the most worn item of 2016 was this Hummingbird dress.  Part of the lure of this dress was no doubt the fact that it's made out of double-gauze.  I mean, who wouldn't want to wrap themselves in double gauze each and every day?  I think O also loved the style of the dress and the addition of the lace over the bodice.  And the tips that I was able to incorporate from other fine ladies who had already sewn their own versions of the dress definitely made it a more successful project.

                                                                    LEAST WORN

Definitely this bra.  The bra band ended up being way too tight and it soon become apparent that it was going to be incredibly uncomfortable to wear for any significant period of time.  So off it went to find a new home.  Dear bra, may your new owner love you in a way I never could.

As for least worn for the kids, I'd say that these gold shorts rarely saw the light of day thanks to C's extreme pickiness when it comes to clothes.  In fact, you could put almost anything that I've made for C in the least worn category.  And yet I keep making things for her.

What's that definition of insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different results.  Yeah, I may just be insane.


For favorite pattern we're going to mix it up a bit this year and instead go with a favorite pattern designer because this year I sewed my first True Bias patterns and I'm super-smitten with the results.  The first pattern I tried out was the Emerson Cropped Pants pattern.  It was released shortly after I sewed these incredibly voluminous culottes and so I was excited to try out a more streamlined version of culottes.  Fortunately, the pattern did not disappoint.  They were so much easier to put together than the culottes that were made with yards and yards of fabric.  I love that they have pockets and I'm a big fan of the length.  I was a bit concerned aesthetically about the elastic in the back, but as it turns out, the elastic doesn't bother me a bit.  I do wish that the rise was a tad bit higher and I think the next time I make them I'll put some pockets on the back just because I like the look of pockets on the bum a bit better, but other than that these pants are a hit and they got me excited to try another pattern - the Ogden Cami.

Initially, I bought the kid's version of this pattern because I figured that O would love it and she certainly did.  The first one was made from some leftover rayon challis, which is one of the great things about this pattern - how little fabric it requires.

In fact, when I finally got around to making a version for myself I bought the recommended amount - 2 yards - and with some creative layout techniques I managed to cut out one for myself and one for O which means that we now have matching tops.  Hurray!  Of course, it's now 20 degrees out so these tops probably won't see the light of day for several more months, but such is life.  Also, as a testament to how much I love this pattern I have plans to sew many, many Ogden Camis in the future despite the fact that they probably aren't very practical for my lifestyle.  Sometimes you just have to follow your heart.

PS - that fabulous cherry fabric is Cotton + Steel rayon challis.  Gorgeous stuff!


And now as we we wrap things up, I have to give a nod to my new found love of knitting because I managed to squeeze out a couple of sweaters before the year wrapped up and they are definitely some of my favorite makes.

For the kids, my overall favorte project has to be this Bloomsbury Sweater that I made for O and I'm happy to report that she gets a ton of wear out of it and the yarn has held up great.

As for me, I'm equally in love with both of the sweaters that I knit for myself.  To choose one would be like choosing between my children!  I've made a lot of sweaters in the past and these are definitely two of the most wearable sweaters that I've ever made.  The knitting bug has definitely hit me hard, but I couldn't be happier about it!

And with that, I wish you all a happy and healthy new year.

I plan on entering the new year with this quote in mind:

"I've been absolutely terrified every moment of my life and I never let it keep me from doing a single thing that I wanted to do."   - Georgie O'Keeffe

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