Looking On The Bright Side


Yes, I made something recently.

 No, you will not be seeing it as it is hideously ugly.  You'll just have to take my word for it.

But in an attempt to be an eternal optimist, let's focus on those things that have been going well, shall we?

Like the fact that we picked over a hundred pounds of plums from our plum tree this year and we have been eating plums in every form for the past three weeks.

Fresh plums?  Check.
Dehydrated plums? Check.
Plum ice cream? Check.
Plum applesauce? Check.
Plum cake?  Not yet.  But there's probably one in our not too distant future.

Or let's talk about how after a year of not quilting, I'm currently in the midst of sewing a postage stamp quilt...and loving it.

Or let's talk about how C finally fits into this little Oliver & S play suit that I made for O back in the day.  And if you wouldn't mind, please pretend that you don't notice that the apples on the bottom are upside down... and I'll pretend that I didn't remind myself five times while cutting out the pattern to make sure that the apples were going in the right direction only to mess it up in the end.  Ughh!

Or let's talk about how five years after buying the high heat spray paint to paint over our brass fireplace cover, we finally got around to finishing the project.  The project literally took all of twenty minutes, which makes me wonder "why the hell didn't we do this earlier?"

Oh yeah - I have two kids that's why (and I'm lazy).


  1. Yay! to the play suit (an do funny and recognizable about the apples) and Yay! to the plums and most Yay! to the fireplace spray: that looks fabulous!!! :-)
    Of course your little miss C. is the cutest of them all with those tiny legs sticking out... :-)

  2. Lol on the plums, glad you're all enjoying them and at least they'll, err, keep you regular ;o)

    C looks very cute in the play suit :o)

  3. Fireplace looks GREAT in black:)

  4. ooh yay, can't wait to see your quilt! and yay for repurposing that super cute jumpsuit. i wouldn't have noticed the upside down apples if you hadn't pointed it out.

  5. hehe you crack me up. sorry about the failure, yay about the fireplace, jumpsuit, and plums! ;)

  6. Love the playsuit! And the fireplace surround. I didn't actually know there was such a thing as high heat spray paint, so good to know.

    I hate sewing failures. They always make me wonder why I even try. That lasts for about one afternoon, though, and then I'm back at it again. :-)

  7. now i think this is a matter of perspective. the apples are right side up to C!

  8. I too have been recently diagnosed with the not-to-rare syndrome Incredulus Lazulus, otherwise know as incredibly lazy. And by recently I mean about ten years ago when my first child was born. It was just yesterday right? The doctor assures me it's a temporary disease lasting around 18 years or until the last child decides to finally move his ass out of my house. Unfortunately there is no cure.

  9. "too". Clearly the disease does not prevent me from posting a follow up comment about a silly typo even though my grammar is in the toilet on all other parts of said comment.

  10. C is so freaking cute, who would ever notice the direction of the apples unless you pointed them out? You should just say you wanted them to look right side up to the child looking down. Riiiiiight. ;-) Your fireplace looks great, and I love O's bedhead.

  11. cute.
    can't wait to see the quilt.
    and how about some sort of plum alcoholic beverage? A Plum Spritzer, perhaps?


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