My Last Post Revised


You know how I mentioned that sometimes when you get too high, life knocks you down a few pegs.

Well apparently, sometimes when you're wallowing over something stupid (like a hole in a dress), life reminds you that true tragedies still exist in this world and a hole in a dress is not one of them.

Thank you, life.

Here's to things that truly matter.


  1. What a picture.
    And yes, agreed.
    I can't imagine the mayhem on the other side of the ocean. And I hope I never have to. Sending love to all those who are suffering...

  2. I'll drink to that! Well said!

  3. Too true. Mind you, I did really feel for you on the dress. I was wondering whether a strategically placed piece of applique or a pocket or something might be possible.
    Anyway, thanks for posting this, as I was feeling a little bummed that I'm at home with a sick 3y.o. while my other lovelies are out at a music festival. But I'm really so lucky to have a 3y.o. to snuggle on the couch with at all.

  4. i have been so bummed out all day. it is horrifying! and i agree with you i am very grateful for all that i have.

  5. Well said. We are all very lucky.


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