Three Out Of Three


It seems that lately I can find time to sew but getting a picture taken of what I've made has somehow turned into the world's biggest hassle.  If I put the item on in the morning, there's no one around to be my super-star photographer and by the evening it's either a wrinkled mess or covered in spit-up.  Granted, I could just put it on in the evening to take a picture, but that is by far my laziest time of the day.

And as for writing an actual blog post...well, let's just say that I've started this one approximately five times and have never gotten around to finishing it (I just hope that I actually finish this one).

Which is a very long-winded way of saying, that while I can manage to squeeze in sewing here and there, the other two things somehow never seem to get done so it's a small miracle that I've gotten all three things done today.

This top is made from McCalls 5388 which I bought ages ago and am only now getting around to making.  Somehow I must have inherently known to wait to sew this until after I had baby #2 because this style is very forgiving to the post-partum body (thank you loose and flowy tops!).  Based on some reviews that I found online that mentioned that the yoke was rather large, I shortened the yoke by one inch which seems to have worked well for the fit.  The top also came out quite long (although I probably could have figured that one out just by looking at the picture on the cover of the pattern...duh!) so I ended up taking up about 5 inches in the hem.  And in an attempt to be more thoughtful about the things that I make (rather than just rushing through them like I have a bad habit of doing) I used french seams throughout the top (well, except for the armholes...let's not get crazy, people), made my own bias tape to finish the back of the neckline, and decided to gather and finish the sleeves with bias tape rather than use encased elastic.

I have to say that I'm really happy with the little changes that I've made and am hoping that this will be the beginning of me not blindly (and often stupidly) following all pattern instructions.  Here's to me actually using that soft, squishy thing inside my very hard head...I knew it was going to be good for something.

Pattern: McCalls 5388
Size: 10
Fabric: Maybe Sixpence from Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush line


  1. Gorgeous! The bias tape finish on the sleeves is so much better than encased elastic, which I honestly think should mostly be left for little girl clothes (although I have it in a could of me-made things because I blindly followed instructions, ha!).

  2. This top is adorable!! I love the fabric choice, and the fit looks great. I especially love the sleeves! It's really awesome that you're able to make time to sew-- when life gets busy I'm the same way, I can find time to sew but I definitely don't have time to blog about it all.

  3. I love your selection of tops lately. Whenever I'm thinking of making a new top I always stop by your blog for inspiration. I love this particular top.

  4. Yay, one of my top favorites I think and love that Anna Maria Horner fabric! A keeper! :-)

  5. I love this and you definitely chose the right fabric - it's beautiful! I recently bought a remote control clicker thingy for my camera as my family members with big enough hands were getting fed up of me asking them to take my photo all the time. So much more peace in this house since!

  6. Beautiful! Way to tailor-as-you-went, you ended up with a really great result!

  7. Super cute! I can't believe you have time to sew, let alone blog about it. You rule!

  8. It's smashing! I love all of the little modifications you've done - I'm the same way and sometimes follow instructions a little too blindly, although I'm learning to use that squishy stuff in my head more as time goes by. The sleeves and the style - perfect! I'm making mental notes for my postpartum days (assuming I actually sew at all, which is still an open question).

  9. Very nice, love how all the little mods turned out!


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