Mid-Year Resolutions

I realize that I'm approximately six months late to make a New Year's Resolution, so let's just call this a Mid-Year Resolution, shall we?

Here goes - I resolve to try my hand at pattern alterations to make the items that I sew more wearable and more to my liking.

Sure, I've made minor alterations to patterns in the past - took a in seam here, let out a seam there, added a little bit of length  - but I've never made large (or even medium) alterations to patterns.  And because of that I've been limited to whatever options the patterns offer, even if I'd like something a tad bit different.  So if you need me, I'll be over here summoning up some courage over the next couple of weeks to cut up some patterns and perhaps draft some extra pieces in an attempt to make some awesome clothing (ha!).

First up on my Mid-Year resolution list was a desire to sew a simple woven shirt with a low back.  I chose Grainline Studio's Scout Woven Tee as a starting point and made a simple alteration by lowering the neckline on the back of the pattern by about six and a half inches.  I happen to think that it makes the shirt a little "business in the front, party in the back" (well, a very mild party in the back...).

The amount that I ended up cut off in the back is a bit wide so I'm a little worried abut the shoulders slipping off but if it becomes too much of a concern I can always break out a safety pin or two and pin the shoulder seam to my bra strap (you won't tell anybody, will you?).  And I'm thinking that if I make this top again (which I no doubt will) I'll make it just a tad bit longer and probably in one size smaller so I get a bit of a better fit around the shoulder area.

In any case, my first attempt at fulfilling my Mid-Year's Resolution appears not to be too much of a disaster and truth be told, I actually really like wearing this shirt.  I love that the neckline is finished with bias binding and that I took the time to do french seams on the inside.  And look, I even made an attempt to match the horizontal pattern on the fabric at the side seams.

Would you look at me - actually paying attention to detail!

Pattern: Grainline Studio's Woven Scout Tee
Size: 8
Fabric: Anna Maria Horner's Village Path Sea from the Little Folks line


  1. i like the shirt, it fits you well. and the party in the back is awesome!

  2. Oooh, pretty! Happy hacking in the future :o)

  3. Oh I love the party in the back! I can't wait to see all the cool stuff you come up with! Creating/changing patterns is my favorite part of sewing, good luck!

  4. I likey. Looks so wearable, for everyday but also you could probably tart it up as well with skinnies etc.

  5. Dude, you are so awesome at sewing for you! Totally inspired. :)

  6. That party in the back looks like fun! ;-)
    Love the fabric by the way! :-)

  7. Yep, I think new year's resolutions are a little over-rated :) Yet another great top! Your closet must look amazing, especially with luscious fabric like this making up your wardrobe!

  8. It is a darling top. It is a party all over.

  9. Love this! The scooped back detail is beautiful and it looks great on you! Have never heard of Grainline, so will go and check them out.

  10. The top looks great! Here's to branching out and doing something different now and then! Like you, I tend to be pretty pattern-bound, but it's great to make something different and unique. I love the scooped back and the fabric here. Well done.

  11. awesome! you just need a mullet to go with your excellent new top!

  12. Just the fact that you actually sew clothes for yourself is incredibly cool, but to be brave enough to make modifications to really make it fit the way/look the way you want to? That's some sewing mastery. I think that it's a great resolution to have and you by all means have the skills to pull it off!


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