One Row At A Time


With school starting up again, life is just as crazy as it ever was and I don't think I've touched my sewing machine since the end of September.  Which is fine except that I signed up to have some family pictures taken later this month and sometime between now and then I need to whip up a new dress for O.  When exactly I'll have time for that, I have no idea, so I'm not crossing out the possibility of a last-minute trip to the store to buy a dress.  There's no shame in knowing the limits on your sanity.

In any case, despite a hectic schedule for the past month and a half, I did manage to squeeze out another sweater for O.  Don't be too impressed because the gauge is pretty big on this sweater (I think around 4.5 sts/inch and I knit it on size 10.5 needles) so it actually knit up really fast.  The only part that was a little slow-going was the first part of the bodice because the increases were different than a regular top-down sweater and I was worried the whole time that I was doing it wrong.  Once I got a couple inches down, though, I could see the pattern clearly and was more comfortable jamming along in the knitting.

The pattern is the Bloomsbury Kids pattern by Svetlana Volkova (I liked her Maya pattern so much, that I went with another one of her patterns!).  The yarn is Amherst, a merino wool yarn made by Webs, and it seems to be a great yarn - not too scratchy, not too expensive.  The color options are a bit limited (especially compared to something like Cascade 220), but it was easy enough to find a color that both of us could agree on.

Knitting has definitely wormed its way back into my heart, with its portability and the fact that it can be done one row at a time.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that that's the perfect motto for my life right now - one row at a time.


  1. Gorgeous sweater, and "one row at a time" sounds like a pretty good motto right now. <3 Maybe I need to take up knitting for my own mental health!

  2. So lovely. And yes, I think crafting/making should come and go according to the needs of your sanity :)


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