And Now One For Me


Shortly after finishing O's Maya Sweater I cast on for one in my size and then knit and knit and knit and knit in an attempt to finish it before my school started once again.  Fortunately, I finished it with 2 days to spare and about 2 feet left of the yarn, which was a very big deal because I was using discontinued Jaeger merino yarn that I bought probably 9 years ago and there was no way that I was going to find extra.  I bought a bunch when I found out that it was being discontinued, used a couple skeins to knit up this sweater, and then started another sweater that sat unfinished in a bag for several years.  This meant that in order to make this sweater I had to spend my time unraveling the half-knit sweater, soaking, and re-hanging the used yarn to get the crimp out.  It's entirely possible that my family is sick of me asking them to help rewind balls of yarn.

As for the knitting, after making the kid's version I knew exactly what I was getting into and this one came together incredibly easily.  For the most part I followed the pattern but I think I added another row or two to make the armpits a bit deeper and I based the length of the sweater and sleeves on my own personal preferences rather than what was listed in the pattern.  The sweater definitely grew in length after blocking, but I much prefer a too-long sweater to a too-short sweater so I'm A-okay with the length.

The weather has definitely turned towards fall around here with an obvious nip in the air so I've already worn it several times and I give it two thumbs up when it comes to wearability.  I'm sure it'll be getting a lot of use in the next couple of months as I try to survive a wet and cold winter.

Now, I'm already eyeing my next knitting project.  The only thing I'll have to decide is whether to be a nice mom and make another sweater for my kids or to induldge the selfish knitter that I am deep-down inside.


  1. Oooooo it's lovely! Doesn't look too long at all, for the record. Way to resurrect that yarn and put it to good use!

  2. Oh Carolyn it is absolutely perfect! And yes to a bit longer for things that need to keep you warm - because we need to sit down and bend over and, you know, live in these things! I think you should start another selfish knit. Go onnnnnnnn :D

  3. Lovely! I love the length, too. WTG on making it with two feet to spare.

  4. It is beautiful! I can't believe you only had two feet of yarn left! Nail biter! (But you can't bite your nails and knit at the same time, believe me, I've tried, it's a no-go.)

    It has turned to fall here too. It rained today and I saw women wearing tights. Nope. Not ready. #denial


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