Making Things Again And Again And Again And Again...


You should probably know that when I like making something - I mean really like making something - I make it over and over and over again.

Case in point - itty, bitty sweater dresses.  Yeah, there are a couple of those laying around the house.

And dresses and tunics made based on Anna Maria Horner's Museum Tunic instructions.  Yeah, there are quite a few of those thrown around the house too.

And now you can add Sucky Thumb Mitts to that list because I've made yet another pair for O, although this time I made them with some leftover Debbie Bliss cashmerino (oh, how I love using up left over yarn). 

Again, I made the cuff and stockinette stitch portions a bit longer to add more coverage for the wrist and to fit her hand better.  And again I knit them on size 3 DPNs. 

And again I love them. 

Dare I say that they are the perfect little gloves for my kung fu master?

Or my zombie child?

Or for doing the chicken dance?

Yes, I dare say it.


  1. Those gloves are killing me. I have yarn and needles ready to go but motivation. I want to make about a zillion pair. I also tend to make about a million of the same item. I'm wondering how long Vinny can pull off wearing monkey pants/leggings since I have a serious sewing obsession with that style. I did see a picture of Kingston (Gwen Stefani's kid, duh) wearing leggings and he's like 5. If he can do it so can Vinny. I'll be sending him to Kindergarten wearing a pair!

    p.s. That stomach bug... oh the horror. I think it hit half the U.S. Christmas morning was very colorful around these parts.

  2. Love the wrist warmers and especially the color!!! :-)

  3. Love those gloves! I need some for me. Maybe I can convince my knitting sister to make some for me. I did just make her a quilt....

  4. I predict seeing her on the stage sometime... ;o)

  5. Perfect zombie green! I love the name of the pattern so much I want to knit them. If I could knit.

  6. There is 45 record on the Christmas tree! We are jukebox people so you'll understand my excitement! =)

    Gloves are great! Love the poses!

  7. So cute!! I've just made 2 of these (for adults) ... unfortunately thats 2 different ones which each require the other to be started and finished lol!! My attention span is not very much hhaha

  8. It is clearly time for me to figure out how to make something other than a scarf!

  9. So cute...I am so tempted to try those mitts. Guaranteed that if I do, though, my children won't wear them.

  10. I am not much of a repeat knitter. But how could you not want to knit those darling mitts over again for O. She is really rocking the zombie look.

  11. I am adding these to my to knit list for winter. She looks cute in them

  12. so wanna swap? i need some gloves for my sara... is there something you need...??? those are adorable! she is so cute!


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