Dear Anna Maria Horner, I heart you.


Like so many other people, I saw this post and fell in love.
Like so many other times, I lost all motivation to make it until I saw this tutorial.
And it just so happened that I had the perfect yardage of the material in my stash (how many times dose that actually happen?)
A couple nights of after-dinner sewing later and ta-da!

A dress...that didn't end up in the garbage can...and actually fits...and I actually get compliments on (I attribute this more to A.M.H.'s genius than my own sewing ability)

(That's supposed to be a sassy kick.  Note to self: I think I need to work on that)


  1. I heart you too. You look beautiful!
    xo, Anna

  2. Oh, I'd love it if you put this in the Southern Insititute flickr pool...
    So glad you were able to use the tutorial!

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  4. That looks fantastic! I am, ummm...let's just say not particularly well-endowed on the topside, so was waffling about whether it would looks as nice on me as it did on Anna Maria, but now I am inspired. Too bad it is impossible to find the dusk Square Dance in dobby, sigh.

  5. i just found your blog, and love your taste in clothing. this dress looks awesome on you!!


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