O has never been a toddler who wants to be treated like a baby.  She likes to eat what we eat, pick out her own clothes, and sleep in her own bed.  And if we accidentally call her a baby?  Well then she indignantly corrects us by yelling "I'm a kid!  Not a baby!"  But lately this has been changing and I'm a little concerned that we have some regression on our  hands.

Yesterday when I asked her what she wanted to wear she told me "a shirt, some pants, and a diaper."  This coming from the child who's been wearing underwear only for the past 2 months.  A diaper?  I don't think so.

And when she asked for milk this morning she told me that she wanted it in a baby bottle rather than a cup.

Oh, and have I mentioned that our previously potty-trained child has begun to pee in her pants at least once a day?

I naively thought that O was immune to the changes going on in our house - particularly since the baby isn't even here yet - but apparently I was wrong about this one.  It certainly isn't the first time...


  1. Regression-smegression. I'd like some progression around here starting with no more poopy diapers.

  2. Oh dear, hope she moves past this soon!

  3. Oh no! That sounds tough, but let's just hope she gets through this phase before the 'real' baby comes along! xx

  4. sara did the same thing right before and after henry was born. it got better, after a few threats... yes, i admit to being a good mom! ;)

  5. So, er, my kid is still in diapers, shows no interest whatsoever in the potty, is bottle-addicted, and has never once told me he's a "big kid" once (although, to be fair, he talks less than his peers). Does this mean he has nowhere to regress to? One can hope.

  6. one of the best things we did for s was to get her a new babydoll when her sister was born. she did everything that i did with the new baby on her own baby; including nursing (pretend of course). i think it made the transition easier on all of us.

  7. Oh no! At least it's usually short-lived, and maybe she'll work through a lot of it before the baby gets here. I second the suggestion about the babydoll so she can practice being a mommy, too, and you can emphasize mommy's don't wear diapers. (Which actually might not work if they give you those huge industrial-sized pad things after pregnancy like they do at our hospital...ick...)

  8. Uuhh, great, I had totally forgotten about those after-birth huuuuge pad things. Wow, this is going to haunt me now! ;)
    Anyhow, it's just a phase... it's just a's just a phase...

    But I do agree with the baby doll. The whole shebang, bottle, diaper and all. If you don't have one yet. Why not go shopping for one together with the BIG girl, right?

  9. But she's such a cute regressor. I agree with the other gals, a special baby might help.

  10. You will all get there. Amelia did the same thing before Baden was born. Tips I found helpful.
    Get her to help with something special in the babys room/area.
    Spend time in that area with her. Read her a story. Talk about the baby (I am sure that these are all things that you are doing;) also talk to her about what will happen when you go into hospital.
    Buy a special gift for the new baby to give to O.
    O to go shopping and buy something special to give to the new baby
    You will all get there.


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