Christmas Recap in 5 Seconds or Less


Christmas Eve spent at the great-grandparent's house.

Where O was able to spend time with her favorite family member.

Christmas day spent at our house.

A morning full of opening presents and an afternoon full of spending time together.

The day after Christmas I spent in bed, after being so rudely woken up by the stomach bug that's been going around our house.  Needless to say, I was out of commission for the rest of the day.

Much love to my little munchkin who was an absolute angel for the whole day and to my husband who apparently makes an awesome nurse.


  1. Oh no, a stomach bug and a pregnant belly: not a good combination!
    I had a stomach bug when I was within three or four weeks of delivery of Meike and it felt like I was going into labor... And just as I started feeling better, Gerald got it and you know what men are like... ;-)
    Hope you're feeling better by now?

  2. urgh... glad it hit the day after christmas at least... hope you are all better now! and glad to hear you were able to rest :)

  3. yay for a great husband. i hope you feel better soon. are you better now???

  4. I am still recovering from a similar bug-it hit all of us with a vengeance day after Christmas. :( Hope you're feeling better now!

  5. Aww, hope you're feeling much better now!

  6. minus the bug, looks like a great holiday!

  7. Stomach bug AND pregnancy? That's really pitiful. Hope you're feeling better (and no one else got sick!).


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