I Heart Fingerless Gloves


Oh, knitting, I've missed you so.

You're warm.  You're portable.  And when the project is small, you're done in no time flat.

I've been yearning to pick up the knitting needles again over the last couple of months but every time I contemplate starting something I get sidetracked by some detail.

Hmmm, I need to find a pattern.
Do I even have the right yarn?
Where the hell did I put all my needles?

But it appears that this past weekend the stars were aligned and I had all three things - a pattern, the yarn, and the needles.

The pattern is the Sucky Thumbs Mitts patterns by Marianne Cant and I definitely give it two thumbs up.  It was super easy and super fast.  And really, what more could a girl ask for? 

But the best part about these gloves?  They keep you warm but they also keep you with 10 fully functioning fingers.  You'd think they'd be a hit with the kiddo, right?


It was yet another incident of "get these off of me!"

Fortunately it was nothing that a little bribery in the form of a trip to the zoo couldn't handle.  Well, that and some cheddar bunnies.  Those cheesy little suckers solve all sorts of problems.

Pattern: Sucky Thumb Mitts by Marianne Cant
Alterations:  I knit the cuff and the stockinette sections a bit longer so that they would cover more of her wrist and hand
Yarn: less than one skein of Cascade 220
Needles: Size 3 DPNs

And in case you needed photographic proof of our love of fingerless gloves, please see our family's winter handwear of choice.


  1. Nice!!! :-)
    I just bought some nice charcoal fleece to make wristworms out of... (easy gifts)

  2. These look great! I love fingerless gloves. Perfect for the chilly, but not ridiculously chilly, West Coast, I think.

    Sadly, bribing just doesn't work with Joe. Honestly, I don't think he understands the concept. Not from lack of trying on my part.

  3. those are perfect! i'm in the midst of knitting a cowl for my little girl and the gloves would go great. thanks for the link to the pattern.

  4. i wish i could knit. i would be so happy if i could.

  5. Heh, love the family pic. I'm not a fan of the fingerless gloves, I have to admit, but hey, you could try bribing me with those bunnies ;o)

  6. I second the knitting envy. And I don't know what cheddar bunnies are but I want some of them too.

  7. I too have a great love for fingerless gloves. And it is important for O to learn to love them early on. Very cute mini ones!

  8. I am laughing so hard right now because I totally just bought some fingerless gloves for Luca for Christmas yesterday. I totally knew that I I were to try knitting a pair it wouldn't be till she graduated college that she would actually get to wear them. I'm such a newbie knitter... is the thumbhole easy? I'm imagining you are basically just knitting in the round? I once made a baby hat for Luca and somehow it actually turned out so this can't be much worse?

    I so totally want to make a pair for Vinny even though he will have a heart attack when I try to get him to wear them. Something I'm not sure even bribery would solve.

  9. Holy crap those are cute and so practical and perfect for toddlers. If I knew how to knit, these would take the #1 spot on my list.

  10. Cute again! I love fingerless gloves too but never thought of a pair for the little miss! Sweet!

  11. Fingerless kid gloves? Never would've thought of that, so cute!

  12. Oh man, I must get good enough at knitting to whip up a set of these for my family, so cute!

  13. Anonymous31.5.12

    aww, what a lovely blog post...so happy you enjoyed my mitt pattern!


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