Y Is For Yellow


O goes through phases of favorite colors.  When she was just a wee little one year old her favorite color was orange.  Basically if you asked her what color anything was she would say "orange."  We wouldn't share that little secret with others though and they would marvel when we would point at orange objects and our little one would correctly identify the color.  We're so sneaky!

Her new favorite color appears to be yellow.  When I get her dressed in the morning I'll hold up two shirts and ask her "do you want the purple shirt or do you want the blue shirt" and she'll reply "No!  Yellow shirt!"  She'll even go so far as to open her dresser drawer and pull out her yellow shirt.  What can I say?  The girl has a mind of her own. 

Unfortunately, the girl also only has one yellow shirt so when her lone yellow shirt is dirty she is a less-than-happy twenty one month old.  So when thinking about what I wanted to make her next, the only thing I knew was that it definitely had to be yellow.  And with a warm feeling still in my heart for the last sweater dress that I made for her, I decided to attempt another one.

Someone smeared chocolate all over her
dress about five minutes after I put it on her...
any guesses who that someone might be?
Fortunately, this one appears to fit her a bit better than the last one (although it is a bit of tight squeeze to get it over her ginormous head).

There's no pattern for the dress except for the one that I made up in my head.  I just made it with basic top down construction as explained in Barbara Walker's Knitting From The Top.  I did a couple of rows of seed stitch to form an empire waist and added some increases along the sides to give it an A-line shape (perfect to hide her humongous booty on the days that she wears all-in-one cloth diapers).  Oh, and I turned under the sleeve and bottom hem to give it more of a finished look.

As for O's feedback on the dress, let's just say it was not love at first sight.  I believe her initial statement was "I don't want wear dress!  Take dress off!"  Considering that this was her reaction to the past two things that I've made her, I'm not quite sure what it says about me that I keep making her stuff.

Perhaps it's because she just looks so darn cute in them!

Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted
Needles: sizes 5 and 7
Pattern: Made up in my crazy little head, but based off of instructions provided by the ingenious Barbara Walker

* And for the record, she eventually agreed to wear the dress...eventually...


  1. The yellow dress is totally adorable, as is that little O. I wish I was a knitter.
    I have been known to offer lollies to my toddler to have him get dressed in things I've made. Why is the t-shirt from aunty, with a horrible cartoony rhino on it, so much more attractive?

  2. You're so right - she does look so darn cute! And what a great job you did on that dress, and the hat!

  3. This is the cutest dress ever! And I adore the yellow color. It reminds me slightly of these amazing knitted yellow overalls the Purl Bee posted awhile back. And so chic with her new hat!


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