My Little Black (Well, Blue) Dress


Do you have that little black dress?

You know, the one that you can dress down for everyday wear or dress up for a special occasion.

The one you can wear with flip-flops or with heels.

The one you end up going back to time and time (and time) again.

Pixie Purl's Country Kiddie pattern is my little black dress.

I've made it as the pattern is written (3 times).

I've made it with long sleeves and ruffles (2 times).

And now I've made it into a dress.

(And I've coerced my child into a photo shoot)

Work it, Baby O!  Work it!

Look up.

Look back.

That's right.  Make love to the camera.

Let's get one thing straight - I am no knitting genius.  

I just kept on knitting and knitting, adding some increases on the sides to make it more of a a-line shape.  And then rather than binding off the arm stitches I put them on waste yarn and picked them up later so I could knit down the sleeves to make them longer.  I wasn't sure how it was all going to come together (and truth be told, the dress is probably a wee bit big for her) but I love it.

Like, I really love it.

It's adorable and it makes Baby O look even more adorable (as if that were possible).

Pixie Purls, I bow down to you.


  1. Sarah P.12.12.10

    Olive's a natural model! That dress is so cute Carolyn, your skills are impressive. How long did it take you? You might be inspiring me to re-start my knitting attempts! :)

  2. Adorable, I so love how you changed the pattern to your liking, that is just exactly what I wanted people to do with the pattern. Your version is BEYOND adorable and I love it! Make sure to add your mod knits on ravelry project page! Fantastic! Knit on!


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