Reason Number One of "Why I am Like a 70 Year Old Woman"


1) I am having a sordid love affair with elastic waists.

Okay, maybe not elastic waist pants (although I fully admit that I enjoyed my time in them while pregnant…and I may be tempted to break them out again for all holiday meals) but I am in love with elastic shirring.  I've spent so many hours trying to sew clothes that just didn’t fit right in the end (and there are few things as depressing as throwing something away that you spent many, many, MANY hours making).  Which is where my love of elastic shirring comes in.   With the shirring, things don’t have to fit “just so”…they just have to fit “just so-ish” and I am definitely more of a “just so-ish” kind of gal.  So I’m embracing my love of elastic waists (just not elastic waist polyester pants).

And here is my latest "elastic waist" creation.  
a perfect shirt for summer...made just in time for fall
and the flip side

I basically just followed the Museum Tunic tutorial from Anna Maria Horner but made it in the length of a tunic shirt rather than a dress.  Despite my love affair with elastic shirring, elastic shirring and I did have a bit of a lover's spat during the making of this shirt.  I just couldn't get the tension right and ended up with VERY wonky shirring.  I spent about a bobbin and a half of elastic thread trying to get it right before I threw up my hands and said "forget it!"  I ended up just following the directions that A.M.H. posted for using elastic that you just zigzag over and I think it turned out okay (although my first attempt is a bit looser than I would have liked).  I think the whole tension issue came from this fabric being a voille...and while it caused all sorts of problems I LOVE this voille!  It's like butta!

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