Simplicity 2215 - Take Two?


I must be glutton for punishment, because after considering this skirt a quasi-failure, I cut out Simplicity 2215 again (this time one size smaller) and I plan on sewing it again soon. I'm hoping that going down a size will be just what the skirt needs to go from super-dowdy (on me at least) to somewhat wearable. I have to say that attempting this skirt again is very unlike me. Normally when something goes wrong I toss the pattern in the garbage (and perhaps stomp on it for good measure). And when things go really wrong, I swear off the pattern company for a period of time (that would be why you don't see any Butterick patterns around here…we had a bit of a falling out about three years ago and we're still not on speaking terms). If things go well, this skirt could teach me about the benefits of giving second chances and the beauty of foregiveness…but if things don't go well, then I'll just have to revert to my major grudge holding ways.


  1. So admirable that you are having another go! I've really enjoyed MMJ, even though I've been out and about such a lot I didn't get to read everything as thoroughly as usual! Hope the skirt turns out really well. And that green anna maria horner fabric is really lovely - I have used that myself in quilts.

  2. One of my fave fabrics of all time. Nothing bad can be made from it so you should be golden!


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