Skirting The Issue


First, let's start by giving credit where credit is due.  My muse for this project?  This lovely lady and this lovely skirt.  As soon as she posted about making it in denim, I thought "Well shiver me timbers, I need one of those too!"  So off I went to purchase the fabric and the pattern only to come across my first hurdle when it came time to cut out the pattern.  Having just made three dresses, I felt that I had a good handle on what size I needed to cut out for dresses but I had no idea what size I should cut out to make a skirt.  According to my measurements and the pattern recommendations I should cut out a size 14, but I've been cutting out around a size 10 in most of the dresses.  Hmm…

I decided to split the difference and go with a 12.  I'm not sure that that was the right decision. 

Fast forward a little bit and here's the finished project.  I'm thinking that this probably isn't the best look on me.  Perhaps a bit dowdy?  (Trust me, it looks lot more dowdy without 3 inch heels on)  And because of the size that I made, the waist band hits me in some weird place between my actual waist and my hips.  Plus I have a feeling that the fullness of the skirt just looks a bit blah one me.   

I toyed around with hiking the skirt up a bit to hit more around my natural waist and cinching it with a belt, but I'm not sure that even that helps.  When I asked my husband what he thought he replied "I'm going to need to think about this."  That can't be a good sign.

On a positive note, the skirt does have pockets, which you know I love.  And the pockets have cute little contrast lining made from left over fabric from this dress.

On a more negative note (because who doesn't like to end on a negative note?), I've decided that I hate making skirt waist bands and I have a sneaking suspicion that the feeling may be mutual (as in, I'm pretty sure that they hate me too).

Pattern: Simplicity 2215
Size: Made a size 12, although I think a size 10 would have fit better
Fabric: Denim from Joanns


  1. I made a full skirt once and had the same feelings you did about the result. But I have to say, I do like it with the belt and the heels. I think your torso is long enough, it balances it all out. Very sassy indeed.

  2. I think it looks good on. I have just made a similar skirt with a very similar experience. Still have to blog it, but the same thing made the 10 and probably should have made the 6!

  3. Well I think it looks fab! There. I said it. :-)

  4. not everyone can wear a skirt with do it and still look tiny! I like it a little higher, on your waist. Very cute!

  5. It does seem to be a little too big (which is always better than too small in my opinion) but I like it with the belt!

  6. i love the denim! i think it is really cute!

  7. That is really cute. I made this skirt that I felt was too full as well. It was a simplicity project runway pattern. I never wore it or even blogged about it.
    I think we are so hard on ourselves because...well I don't know why, your dress looks fine. And when I look at the picture of my skirt as well I don't know what the problem is?? haha...

  8. Okay, I think your skirt is absolutely adorable! This really is a great pattern for denim. Not going to lie, however, I have been a bit self-conscious about wearing it, as well. Though I've worn it often, the fullness does make me feel a bit hippy. Definitely something to get used to!

    Seriously though, it looks darling on you. Love it! (And thanks for the mention! :D)

  9. I think it looks good on, but I have a similar skirt that I made in denim and feel the same way about! Btw, would you mind sharing where you got those awesome shoes? Those are exactly what I'm looking for for summer!

  10. Anonymous10.9.11

    Hello! Dress Girl! I can't tell you when I've so much fun reading or been so inspired!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!! Love ALL of your stuff! Perhaps you'd like a floral, printed, wrap-around skirt?!?!? Oh! now your talking my lingo! In high school, when I wanted something new for the Friday night dance I would whip one up. I just got a new pattern of the same on E-bay Simplicity 7910. Maybe I'l make one, put on my wedges and be dancing in the family room! Can't wait to see what you're up to next. THANK! Nathalie


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