Ahhhh, Vacation


Where, oh where have we been?

Laying in the sun.

Dipping a toe in the lake.  (Well, I just dipped a toe.  Some other crazy people actually jumped in.)

Shoving watermelon in our faces.

Helping great-grandpa prepare dinner.

Going for boat rides.

Helping steer on said boat rides.

Playing with O.

And telling Ben ten times a day "Oh my goodness.  I want to eat her she looks so cute."

(but really, can you blame me?)

Many thanks to my kind and wonderful in-laws for such an amazing vacation.

And this post wouldn't be complete without a happy 65th anniversary wish to Ben's grandparents (who I tried to make kiss for this picture, but they gave me a look like they wished Ben had married a nice, normal gal).


  1. That looks like one fabulous vacation! Family, water, scenic stuff....the best!

  2. O in those sunglasses, and the fact that she wears them?!? Cuteness overload! Looks like you guys had a great time on vacation, I really need one of those, but you put it really well about traveling with little ones, hopefully next year!

  3. Could this look any more perfect? No, it couldn't. It is what summer is all about.

  4. Looks like a really nice vacation. I love O's sunglasses! She looks super cute with them on :)

  5. Love the photos! Particularly that first one. And the watermelon one. And the quilt one. Looks like such a lovely time.

  6. oh that looks like lake chelan and you can officially color me jealous! your pic of O eating the crap out of that watermelon made me crack crack crack up!


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