Four Things


1.  We took some time the other weekend to celebrate C's first birthday.  I know that there are many moms around the internet (I'm looking at you Jess and Gail!) who can decorate for a party like nobody's business but C's party decorations?  Well, they consisted of whatever I could pick up on my lunch break at the local party store.  Hey, she didn't seem to mind!

We tried to keep the party simple (simple location - our house, simple food - pizza, simple present requests - please don't bring any!) but it still ended up chaotic and just like O's first birthday I barely found a second to snap a picture.  Oops.  And once all the guests had left and everything was cleaned up and put away  all I could think was "we have to this again in another month and a half?!?"

Apparently C felt the same way because this was her during the party (looking like "who the hell are all these people in my house?")

And this was her after the party.

2.  The weather has been stunningly beautiful around here lately which allowed us to have an outside Easter egg hunt (for the second year in a row, people!).

And yes, O picked out her awesome Easter outfit.

And yes, her bangs do look incredibly greasy.  She somehow ended up getting a huge glob of sap in her hair the other day and so we lathered her up with coconut oil to get it out and what do you worked!  Thank you Google for having the answer to every question I've ever had.

3.  A couple of months ago I was able to cut my hours at work so that I only work four days a week now and that extra day has been a life saver for my sanity.  The best thing about it though is that it's allowed us to spend the weekend doing things together rather than of only doing chores (which is what we were doing before).  This past weekend we were able to explore some of the trails around Point Defiance and we followed that up by a meal in which I ate my weight in fried catfish at the Southern Kitchen.  Yum.  Of course, that means that today I'm trying to work my way through a humongous pile of laundry but it in the end it's all worth it.  Oh yes it is.

4.  And this would be a picture of me going jogging with O.  I like to jog with three year olds because they're the only people on this earth with less stamina than me.

Want to feel like an exercising bad-ass?  Pick your jogging partners accordingly.


  1. Oh my goodness, C's expression at the party is awesome! I can totally relate, C! I don't really like parties that much either, and when I have them, I often DO think, "what are all of these people doing in my house??!"

    And you know I'm in your camp when it comes to party decoration. I usually don't even go to the party store ... how I can call myself a craft/sewing blogger I don't really know. :-)

    But your new work schedule sounds AMAZING - congratulations!!

  2. Hooray for less work! And that is a brilliant jogging plan! I can't get over C's post party expression!

  3. happy birthday to your sweet little C! it sure has been fun watching her grow up this year. and omg, was i just put in the same decorating category with jess??? i'm not worthy!!! :)

  4. That weather makes a party! For sure! Hehe I need to take up that jogging plan.

  5. Hippo bathday to C! And I think I need to borrow your jogging partner ;o)

  6. hehe... you're funny. Happy Birthday to your baby! We just had 2 bdays in the past week (my one year old didn't even get a cake... whoops... gelato instead. ha), and then my oldest turns five in 3 weeks. ACK! Birthdays have that knack for making things cray-cray.


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