One Year

One year. 

In abstract, it seems like such a long period of time.

But somehow you blink once and your baby is a year old.  And almost not a baby anymore.

And all those things that you were sure that you would never forget - like how she was born on the most beautiful spring day (although I swear it rained non-stop for 40 days and 40 nights after that day), like how she wailed when she was first put on your chest, like how giant your two year old looked in comparison when she came to visit you at the hospital - you're now somehow struggling to remember. 

What remains a strong memory though is the bond that I felt with this little one from day one.  I always like to say that C is the baby that you read about in all those baby books.  You know - the one that just loves to be held and snuggled and is immediately soothed by your mere presence.  I secretly loved it when she would cry and cry as Ben tried to soothe her and then I would walk in the room and she would magically settle down.  Ta-da!  It's my one and only mommy magic trick.

This past year has been exhausting (as most first years with babies are) but somehow all the exhaustion is forgotten as we see this little one grow and her personality develop.  She loves to be tickled and often laughs with big belly laughs.  She loves to play peek-a-boo and finds this game endlessly entertaining.  She loves to crawl in O's room in the morning and wake her up (and fortunately O finds this equally amusing).  She loves to gives high fives and will lean into you when you ask her for kisses.  She loves to sleep with a little cuddle blanket and often gnaws on it for fun.  And when she sees something that she wants she pants like a little puppy and because she's all mine, I find her panting both hilarious and endearing. 

Happy Birthday, little one.  Here's to both of us surviving the first year...and rocking it in years to come!


  1. AWWWWWWW. Happy happy birthday, to Carolyn and baby C! The days go so slow and the years just fly on by. She is so big and beautiful now! I always have such mixed feelings - I don't *actually* want my babies to stay babies forever, I am happy to see them grow and develop, but I do wish I could hold onto the memories just a bit better. But the early days with a baby just become a blur ...

  2. happy birthday, little c! your words are so sweet, and so true.

  3. Happy birthday wee one! Seriously though, it's been a year already?!

  4. How is she already one? Happy happy birthday to baby C! I love that you have mommy magic, and the panting is awesome! So much sweetness!

  5. Ahhh happy birthday, little C! What a cutie. Still can't believe it.

  6. In the second one it looks like she's losing her chubby cheeks and getting normal-sized cheeks instead. I am NOT happy about this!

  7. How sweet and wonderful, happy her birthday to you!

  8. She is just adorable! happy birthday to your girl... my baby turned 1 yesterday :)

  9. My baby just turned one also… and she likes to gnaw on her "silkie" too. Just love her!


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