KCW: So Nice I Made It Twice


It's confession time around here.

First confession: I've barely sewn anything for my littlest nugget.

It just so hard to get motivated to make something for her when she has a ton of clothes already thanks to having an older sister and two older girl cousins who have given generously to her (I believe that this is what's known as a first-world problem...).

But as a third child I'm well aware that non-first children deserve some new things too.

So may I present to you, a little shirt made just for C.

If it looks familiar it's because it's Oliver and S's Class Picnic Blouse - the same shirt that I made for O the other day.  It was so nice, I made it twice.

The fabric for C's shirt is also a cotton lawn from Fashion Fabrics Club (obviously I went a little crazy when they offered free shipping a couple of weeks ago).  I cut out a size 12-18 months for my 13 month old and I was worried that it would be a bit big, but it seems to fit perfectly.  Woo-hoo!

Second-born children unite!

PS - this is what happens when I try to take pictures of the girls together.  Somebody doesn't like sitting still for any significant period of time.

PPS - Enjoy this picture of C smiling.  She chipped one of her front teeth after this picture was taken  so in all future pictures she'll be looking like a welter-weight boxing champion of the world.  Super.


  1. Oh it's very cute! I've got this one in my stash but I've never made it yet. Must remedy. Both your little gals are so adorable in it!

  2. Excellent solution for #2 child! On the bright side about the tooth, at least it's only her baby tooth, she'll get another one! Also, at least it's only chipped - one of my friends' daughters knocked her front tooth out when she was 3, so she ended up with about 4 years of gap toothed photos!

  3. Oh my goodness!!! Super cute! The pictures of your girls together remind me of the pictures of my girls together... often a crazy blur!

    Sorry about Miss C's chipped tooth. That sucks.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  4. I wanna eat them up! Sorry about the tooth :(

  5. I love this pattern!! It's so cute on the little ones!

    That seriously sucks about C's tooth. Frackity frack. Well, she's the cutest little bruiser I ever did see.

  6. Oh, this top is soooo cute! Your girls look adorable.

  7. It's adorable! I have had a hard time making Cai clothes because he has so much, too! Between hand-me-downs from friends, and grand-mas that buy clothes despite not needing them... we are pretty set! BUT... they all need some hand-made lovin' every now and then!


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