KCW: Pretty On The Inside


I should probably warn you that there's no method to my madness this KCW.  Just a whole lot of sewing of random patterns that I somehow hadn't gotten around to making yet. 

Like the Class Picnic Blouse from Oliver and S.

I should probably admit that when I first saw this pattern I wasn't too interested, but the more that I saw it sewn up, the more that I became convinced that it is a ridiculously adorable shirt.  Both simple and sweet.  And perfect for O.

I cut a size 4T out of some cotton lawn that I recently bought from Fashion Fabrics Club.  The fabric is ever-so-slightly sheer so I opted not to serge the seams since they're visible through the shirt and I only have gray thread in my serger (yes, I could change the thread but I can't be the only person who thinks that changing the thread on a serger is a major pain in the butt...).  After a couple of minutes of deliberation I decided to bind the armhole seams with matching fabric but half-way through I realized that that was utterly stupid and I should have just done french seams for the entire blouse including the armholes.  It would have taken half as much time and about a quarter as much effort.  Oh well.

On the upside, those little bound seams sure are awfully pretty.


  1. Maybe O should wear it inside-out?

  2. Awfully cute. Nice fabric for the blouse too.

  3. Oooh, very nice! I love bound seams, but oooh-eeeee, what a PITA. I think I'd rather change my serger thread (but I'm also riding high on the glee of a new serger).

    I love this pattern. It took me a while, and quite a few versions on the internet, to see all of its modern meets folksy potential. Now I want to make heaps of them.

  4. It does look cute, and the seams are very pretty (I think I'd have gone with the grey thread because, you know, it's neutral, right? ;o) )

  5. I LOVE this - such pretty fabric. This top is such a wardrobe staple at my house - hope you find that too :-)


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