KCW: Easy-Peasy Knit Dress


With last week full of sewing mishaps I knew that I needed to begin KCW with a win or I was going to end up chucking the whole idea of participating (a girl can only take so much disappointment, you know).  I settled on the idea of making the Anywhere Dress from Go To Patterns mostly because it's advertised as an easy knit dress.


Now that's a word that I dig.

There are a bunch of different sleeves to chose from in making this dress but in the end I went with an elbow length sleeve for a bit of warmth and I finished it with a cuff because I happen to love what a neat finish cuffs give to homemade knit garments.  And to keep it even neater, I opted to sew up the sleeve and then attach the cuff rather than sewing it all at the end.  I also chose to bind the neck using this tutorial because I really like the way that this neck finish looks - especially when I actually take my time when sewing the binding on.

O loves the fabric that this dress is made out of of, although to be honest it's not what I would have chosen.  I bought it at Joann Fabrics over a year ago and when I look at it now I think "eh" but it really is a fabric that appeals to O.   In fact, it was probably the fabric that made her more than happy to slip this little dress on to take a few pictures.

And to wear it the next day.

As she was heading over to the babysitter's house this morning she told me "You don't tell them who made my dress!  I'm going to tell them!"

Ahh, my little girl is both super-bossy and super-proud of what her mom makes.

In the spirit of full disclosure, this post contains affiliate links, but, as always, all opinions are my own.


  1. Okay first, O is like totally grown up, it's killing me. Second I love the dress and fully see why she digs the fabric. Lastly, super proud totally makes up for super bossy, awesome!

  2. Cute, comfy, good call on the easy! Oh and HEY! Congrats on winning Anna's giveaway!! Wooo!

  3. Haha, and she is looking so cheeky in it! :-)

  4. Oh, I so reckon O and Clem would be besties :D They would each give as good as they got! (Oh and love the dress by the way.)

  5. Bossy = "leadership skills." And boy does she look like a leader here! Great dress! I know how much I love wearing a knit dress - like wearing a nightie out into the world! The neck binding does look great - I need to check out that tute, thanks!

  6. I am finding that its worth the fabric that they love because then it will be worn alot. Even if its not my fav. Thanks for that binding tip! I am always up for a neater look. Sometimes knits make me mad. Maybe this will help! Love your blog, I always laugh when I read it. Thanks!

  7. Yay for satisfied customers :oD


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