Sewing Amnesia


C in the middle of teething hell
I've recently come to the conclusion that I have a severe case of a sewing amnesia because despite the fact that I've spent the last six years sewing all sorts of crap, I apparently can't remember the most basic sewing knowledge.

In the past week I have:

1. Cut out a knit garment with the stretch running the wrong way.
2. Cut a hole in a nearly completed garment when trimming a seam.
3. Sewn pieces right-sides together when they were supposed to be sewn wrong-sides together.
4. Sewn pieces together upside down and only figured out my mistake after trimming the seam (ugh!).
5. Fused interfacing to the wrong side of cloth.
6. Lost pattern pieces in the middle of a sewing project.

I had big plans to spend this weekend preparing for KCW but instead I've spent the majority of my time ripping things apart and attempting to put them back together.  It's been slightly maddening because there's nothing like wasting precious free time when you have so little of it.

The silver lining in all of this though is that I've been able to spend a great deal of time coming up with new sewing-related cuss words for when things go wrong.

My new favorite?  Mother pucker!

<<<< I just want to add that I know that this post is slightly flip and perhaps even obnoxious given the events of this last week.  My complaining endlessly about sewing is not meant to downplay what's occurred and my thoughts are with the people of Boston and their loved ones.  I'm just incredibly saddened by the whole situation.  May our problems always be as simple as a seam sewn inside out.  With love, Carolyn. >>>>


  1. Haha!!! Thanks for the laugh! I remember doing nutty things more often when my kids were younger... I attribute it to sleep deprivation! Good thing those little ones are so adorable!!! Best!

  2. You haven't had to pee on a stick again recently have you? Or has the teething sucked away the last of your bainpower trying to cope ;o)

  3. I've been there many times. I blame it on having children. :)

  4. Oh girl, I feel you. Mother Pucker is my new favorite, I can even say it in front of the kid!

  5. I have to admit that I really appreciate a bit of humor when the world is a mother pucker. :-)

  6. Oh dear. I know what you mean. I just cut a piece of fabric in half to put in a zipper when I realized that skirt doesn't need a zipper. A totally different skirt needed it. So I ruined the fabric for nothin'. Or at least added a seam on busy fabric for nothing. I think it's these little normal odd life things that make life feel normal/good again.

  7. Son of a feed dog! (Hmm this is fun.) I recently sewed an entire thing shut that needed a hole left for turning. It's the basic stuff that trips us up the most I reckon! Soldier on... it may be a good excuse to replenish your fabric stash.

  8. Yeah this must be going around. Over the weekend I cut and sewed 200 pieces only to realize they were the wrong size! Mother pucker indeed. Here's to better days!

  9. Ha... I'm so with you. I need some more curse word substitutions, so if you think of any, send 'em my way!

  10. Son of a feed dog! Mother pucker! I make the stupidest mistakes all the time. I'd love to blame it on a teething baby, but ...

  11. **cker pucker has been a favorite for a long time your blog...jealous that u won the collage layer cake xo

  12. Hey, I see you've one something yummie at Noodlehead: fabulousness!
    And your post had me laughing out loud for real! And your mistakes are obviously something that we all recognize... ;-)
    By the way, that diaper box was super easy to make. I'm giving it to my friend today so I will put some pics on the blog soon... :-)

  13. So sorry, that should have said 'won' of course and not 'one...

  14. Hehe this cracked me up. Just had to let you know. Amazing how fast amnesia sets in when you're tired or take a couple day break from sewing, eh? Oy.

  15. haha! i had sewing amnesia while cutting fabrics for kcw. i had to order more fabric because i cut out a front piece that was supposed to be a back piece (so i had two front pieces). later i cut along the fold line of a different back piece because i had been sewing the oliver + s roller skate dress and it has two back pieces (vs one piece cut on the fold). then i placed a piece on a part of the fabric that just didn't make sense and had to re-cut it. i blamed it on sewing while listening to podcasts.

    whenever i take a break from sewing, i start making mistakes. i've done all that you listed in fact, just last night i was listing all of the mistakes that i used to make to my husband and asked him if he thought everyone would make those mistakes or if they were unique to me. glad to know i'm not alone. :)


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