Me Made June - Days 21, 22 and 23


Me Made June Day 21 - Look how fancy I am...I'm wearing my me-made-dress to court.  Wa-hoo!

Me Made June Day 22 - A dress made from Simplicity 2444 in March of this year

This is actually the first time that I've worn this dress since I made it because

1) it's such a different style from what I normally wear and
2) there are a couple of "issues" with the dress and I've been worried that it looks like I just graduated from Home Economics 101

In fact, the morning that wore it my husband and I had a conversation that went a little something like this:

Me: Does this look ugly?
Him: No.  It looks good.  That's one of my favorite dresses that you've made.
Me:  But does it look totally homemade?
Him: No.
Me: Can you tell I made it?
Him: I don't know.
Me: Does it look like sh*t?
Him: No.
Me: Are you sure?
Him: (walks away totally annoyed...bless his heart for putting up with me)

Me Made June Day 23 - Another blouse made from Simplicity 2599, except this one is made from some polyester fabric that I bought at Joanns eons ago. 

I really don't have much experience sewing with fabrics other than woven cotton so I was a bit nervous about how this would come out...and apparently rightly so because compared to the other blouse that I made from the same pattern this shirt feels way tighter due to the lack of stretch in the fabric and the collar facing tends to hang down and over the front of the blouse due to the weight and thickness of the polyester fabric.  Fortunately, even though the shirt is a bit tighter it still fits.  And as for the facing issue, I solved it by sewing the facing down in a very effective yet aesthetically unappealing manner.   So there.


  1. Hoi Carolyn, isn't that grey dress the same one as the patterned dress but then with a different neck-line? And is that the grey chambray fabric from Lisette? I have some of that as well, just haven't made anything out of it yet...
    I think you look just Great in all of your outfits so don't be so hard on yourself! ;-)

  2. I love the new shirt - I really must make it to the fabric shop and buy a few new patterns. The fabric looks great too.

    LOL to the conversation with your husband - I have similar conversations with mine:)

  3. The Horner voile shirt with pleats on the front that I wore with my sailor pants for MMJ a couple days ago has some secret facing issues too. The facing is tacked down among the pleats. I say, as long as no one comes up to you and says "ew, the facings on your shirt are wonky." then you're fine. right?

  4. Not sure what you're talking about 'cause I LOVE the blue dress! It looks very cute and flattering and makes me want that pattern.

  5. lol! I love them all-especially the blue dress!

  6. Your simplicity 2444 is super nice. Not sure what the "issues" are but I think it looks great.

  7. I love the conversation that you have with the hubby.. you have a great fella! And that blouse is super lovely. You are ROCKING this made me month!

  8. Carolyn, you are too hard on yourself! from the pics your clothes don't look "homemade" at all, they look lovely! And you look a sight better than a lot of the female lawyers who frequent the courtroom that I work in - good choice!

  9. You've made so much; how awesome! I agree with the other comments, that blue dress is really flattering and cute!

  10. i love that shirt...the ruffle color is so cute. and they do not look handmade...I ask those questions exactly that way to my daughter! hahaha.


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