Me Made June - Days 18, 19 and 20


Me Made June - Day 18 - Pajama pants made from some long out-of-print New Look pattern that I bought for my first sewing class four and a half years ago.  Now I should note that these are not the actual pajama pants that I sewed in that class.  Not that I'm any master sewist right now, but let's just say that my sewing then was less than awesome and the pajama pants developed a large hole in the crotch.  I thought about fixing them for about 2.2 second and then didn't, because I'm lazy like that.

Me Made June - Day 19 - Hey look, it's another sweater that I made and yet never wear (ravelry link).  Actually in going through my me-made clothes and looking at what I make vs. what I actually wear I'm beginning to learn some things - like the fact that I suck at making button bands on hand knit sweaters and I therefore rarely wear the cardigans that I've made (which is a bummer because in general I love wearing cardigans).  In all honesty though the problems with this sweater go above and beyond the button band.  In fact, this sweater is a manifestation of one of my greatest flaws - my utter impatience in life.  I made the armholes too short because I was too impatient to get to the body portion of the sweater, I made the body too short because I was too impatient to get to the sleeves, and I made the sleeves to short because...well, you get the point.  As a result, it looks like it was knit to fit a twelve year old and my husband kindly commented "The shoulders look a little weird on you.  Like you're wearing shoulder pads or something."  Not the look that I was going for but because I'm utterly committed to Me Made June I wore my five-sizes-too-small sweater (all the while feeling slightly self-concious).  Now that's what I call committment.

Me Made June - Day 20 - Deja vu once again.  My Colette Ginger/Teletubby skirt with a plain white blouse.  I need to get my butt in gear at some point to make some more of these.


  1. Your knitting is amazing! Now that is something I cannot do at all...
    Love the fabric on the skirt! :-)

  2. I think you have supreme patience for knitting at all, and my goodness, look at those cabley-bobbly-bits! Pop it in mothballs for when O is a bit bigger.

  3. You are rocking this so hard. Look at all the handmade goodies!

  4. love love love the sweater! I don't see the shoulder pad look at all! You got a gift, girl.


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