Woe Is Me


My biggest problem right now?

Trying to find a minute each day in which my husband can take a picture of my me-made outfit without my mother-in-law (who's staying with us) finding out and thinking that I'm a narcissistic idiot.

(That's right.  I obviously have a very difficult life.)


  1. Haha - this made me laugh! One of the reasons I rarely have any photos of me on the blog is the bother of getting anyone else to take the photo. Good luck with your surreptitious photos sessions!

  2. hehe, awesome. I think like that a lot when I'm sneaking around taking pictures of my projects.

  3. Giggle giggle........

  4. I just laughed out loud! Why don't you invite her to pose for the photos with you? That would solve the poblem, no?

  5. ha ha ha ha ha! good luck in your endeavor! i believe in you! you are so awesome.


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