Sh*t Our Parent's Give Us


In general Ben and I have a policy that we refer to as "NMS" (No More Sh*t) - mostly because my mother is constantly trying to send us home with stuff that she recently bought at a garage sale but now realizes that she has absolutely no use for.  Now I should say that she has actually given us some great things from garage sales (an awesome grill, a gorgeous leather trunk, and a ridiculous amount of clothes for O - thanks, Mom!).  That said, she has also tried to send us home with all sorts of other crap and I can usually be found running from her house yelling "NMS!"

In this case, however, the violator of our "NMS" policy was actually Ben's mom, who recently moved overseas and as a result, left us with boxes and boxes of Ben's childhood belongings which have sat untouched in our garage for way too long.  In attempt to do something useful this past weekend we cracked open one of those boxes and had a ridiculous amount of fun looking at artifacts from Ben's childhood.

A crap load of childhood trophies (oh my God, look at what a disaster area our garage is!)

His high school letterman's sweater (that's right, a sweater...because apparently it's 1954).

Some creepy doll that apparently meant something to him at sometime.

And my favorite item?  A journal from his high school trip to Nicaragua in which he wrote all about a girl that he liked (there are no pictures of said journal because I'm pretty sure that he snatched it out of my hand and hid it somewhere).

I don't think I've ever had so much fun looking through dusty piles of crap.


  1. My MIL is the goodwill queen....Sometimes good....sometimes horrible!
    That doll is a Cupie Doll. You can read about them online. They were pretty popular when I was growing up. Good luck cleaning out all the stuff!

  2. I think it's sweet that she saved all this stuff! My boyfriend brings up several times a year the bitter fact that his Mom sold all his GI Joe and other childhood artifacts at a yard sale while he was away at college. I know just what you mean about the NMS policy though. I can't get out of my mother's house without bringing something home so I usually just take it and throw it away later. The most recent was a huge stack of some tighty whitey underwear that my Dad outgrew that she thought would fit my sons. Ewwwwwww!!

  3. Viva 1954!

    My husbands mom had a fire and lost everything so we have about 3 pictures of him as a child :(

    I once made a time capsule and put all kinds of sh!t into a container of sorts in my moms garage. She threw it out. I'm still bitter and occasionally find myself hunting for replacement vintage Fisher Price crap and Hello Kitty Circa 1981. I think I should find better use of my late night hours.

  4. Anonymous28.6.11

    I know how you feel my MIL just moved and my mom is moving shortly and they keep bringing us random crap. and my mom totally got mad at me the other day when i got rid of some of the stuff she brought!



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