Me Made May: Days 18 Through 23 (The Ones In Which My Children Discover Photo-Bombing)


Prepare yourselves for a not-so-tantalizing week of repeats.

Me Made May - 18

Day 18: I think that it was this shirt that cemented my love for voile.  Now if only I knew how to actually pronounce it.

Me Made May - 19

Day 19: We meet again, ridiculously bright Renfew.  You're an oldie but a goodie.

Me Made May - 20

Day 20:  Hello again, self-drafted tee.  It's lovely to see you again.  You're so soft and drapey and the most delicious shade of purple (even though you look black in this picture).  Let's be friends forever.

Me Made May - 21

Day 21: Back to this tank, although this time with a wool sweater thrown on top because it's decidedly rainy and chilly around here lately.  Brrrr.

Me Made May - 22

Day 22: All dressed up for court - or as my child likes to tell me, "Mama, you look like a man today."  Although I'm pretty sure that a man wouldn't wear this me-made shirt.  But I guess he could if he really wanted to.  I mean, who doesn't love a shirt with flowers all over it?

Day 23: Say it with me - Tova!  Tova!  Tova!  (Get it?  You're supposed to chant it like "Toga!  Toga!" No?  I'm the only one who thinks that's hilarious.  Well fine then.)


  1. I always do that when I hear Tova too. *fist bump*

  2. The photobombing makes the pictures look so real!!

    I really live the bright Renfrew..

    1. Argh!! Live -> love.... The perils of autocorrect..

  3. I love the kids in the pictures, so cute! And I've been dying to try sewing some voile and have zero idea how to pronounce it. You look super cute in your court outfit.

  4. Love the print in the first one. Vwahl? That's how it sounds in my head.

  5. Vwaaaal, she says, technically ;o) Think of it like voila, but without the 'a' on the end

  6. Well now that was just bugging me, so I googled it, and it seems like more people think it's pronounced to rhyme with foil here in the U S of A. Maybe I'll just spell it out!

  7. Your girls are adorable! You look great in everything you make. I need to start sewing for myself... once I lose the last five pounds that don't budge.

  8. Your family is just the cutest!


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