Hello, Bandwagon. Would You Mind If I Hopped On?


Have you noticed all the Wiksten tanks and tova tops all over the internet lately?  Yeah, me too.  They seem to be multiplying like crazy and I'm here to add yet another one.

I actually bought this fabric back in February when I found it in the clearance bin at Joanns and I knew that I wouldn't have much time to engage in random fabric shopping once the new little one arrived.  I even bought it knowing that someday I'd like to sew it up into a Tova top which in itself is miracle, because how many other times have I bought fabric to make something specific only to have that fabric sit on my shelf for months (or maybe even years)?  Yeah, let's not talk about that.

Fortunately in this case, I actually got around to making the top...although truth be told, it almost ended up shoved in a corner for all of eternity.  I cut out the recommended size for my bust measurement (a medium) and then tried it on after I'd sewn the inset and the front and the back.  It was humongous!  Don't believe me?  Perhaps you'll believe Ben who, when I asked him how it looked, replied "great if you're planning on gaining 40 pounds."  Not really the look I'm going for nowadays.  So I unpicked the side and shoulder seams, laid the fabric on top of the front and back pattern pieces, and recut the sides and the armholes as a size small (the inset was already finished and serged so that just stayed a size medium).

Fortunately, cutting out a size smaller seems to have done the trick.  I happen to love my new loose and comfy top....Ben, however, loves it not so much.  He told me that he doesn't understand why I keep making all these oversized, non-fitted tops and so I had to sit his booty down and explain that:

1) I just had a baby.  Does it look like I want to wear a bunch of fitted clothes?
2) If he'd like me to keep feeding his child out of my boob-a-las then he better get used to loose tops because you can't exactly pull up fitted woven tops to breastfeed.

And then a look of realization came over his face and he declared how much he likes my new top.

There, that's better.


  1. love that (the end ~ about nursing)!! the top looks great! my first was too big, also, but i gave it away. i'll have to try again soon... but i'm thinking fall. i'm so hot right now!

  2. This is supercute and the fit is great. I need to sew up my next one.

  3. Hee hee, welcome on board Ben! It looks fab on you, alas, I know if I made one I'd look seriously pregnant as I have a BIG chest, and I need fitted things to prove I really have a waistline...

  4. Hey, I bought that fabric on clearance at Joann's too! I made mine into a little boy apron :)


  5. Haha, great story! Looks like it fits you just perfectly through the shoulders now, I was thinking that before I even read about the fitting issues. I like this on you and I like most versions I've seen of the Tova, but unless I morph into a flat-chested waif I think I'll just admire from afar.

  6. Isn't it funny how husband need this kind of explanation? But I figure it means he thinks you look hot and should be flaunting it in a fitted top! And he's not wrong, you are hot. This shirt is super cute I love the fit and the fabric, score!

    1. This is what I was thinking too. I would take it as a compliment! He doesn't see your body as "post-baby," he sees it as rockin'! (And he would know.)

      I love the idea of the Tova as a postpartum top for me because it is so forgiving of the waistline, but like some of the prior posters, I'm concerned that my boob-a-las are a bit large on the best of days to be flattered in this top, and WAY, WAY too large when I'm nursing. Still, I haven't ruled it out completely yet.

  7. Looks great - have contemplated this pattern many times, but like Katy and Jane - my boobs would mean I looked like a tent in this!

  8. look at your perfectly lined up fabric too! beautiful work carolyn!

  9. I love that the sewing blog world has bandwagons, but most people in the world have never seen or heard of wiksten Rivas or tanks! We're a silly bunch. That said, I love your tova and I'm planning to make my first one soon too! :)


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