One Garment - Two Days Late


My latest creation? 

A shirt made from Simplicity 2593.

The shirt is beyond simple.  No darts.  No pleats.  No shaping.  Just a bit of gathering around the front of the neckline.  It's exactly what I wanted for this fabric which has such a pretty little pattern on it.

Please excuse the wrinkles...this was a end-of-the day photo

The shirt came out just how I hoped.  First of all, it fits - and the joy of a project that actually fits in the end should not be underestimated.  The binding on the neckline certainly could have been put on a bit better but I'm going to go with the assumption that nobody is going to be examining my neckline that closely while talking to me.

I'm realizing that as much as I generally dislike making shirts they're actually what I get the  most wear out of and I'm thinking that this little shirt will probably get a lot of wear in the coming months.  Yipee!

Oh, and this would be Me Made June Day 28 (for those poor souls still counting!).


  1. Looks great! You've almost made it to the end; bravo!

  2. Love the fabric and love the shirt too: Yay! :-)

  3. The fabric is gorgeous and you're right, a simple pattern is what does it best justice. And what a great fit! I think that pattern would look nice with little cap sleeves, too :-)

  4. i love it. you look like you could easily talk to a seriously disturbed child in a cute shirt like that! ;)

  5. I love the fabric, and he shape is lovely. Another great garment! :-)

  6. i love this top! You have so many great pattern recommendations!

  7. I've had that pattern for a few months and haven't yet made it. Your shirt just made the decision for me - love it! Here's hoping that my version will be as cute as yours.


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