Me Made June 29 and 30 - Going Out With A Whimper


I had high hopes of ending Me Made June with a bang, but let's be honest - I'm going out with more of a whimper in a shirt that you've seen way too many times over the past four weeks.  In my defense (because I obviously need to defend myself over the internet), I've had to dress up for work more lately than I usually do and that's pretty much limited what I can wear to about three shirts that look quasi-decent with my two suits (or as I like to call them "the clothes that make me look like an adolescent boy dressing up in his father's clothes").

Me Made June - Day 29 - My polyester version of Simplicity 2599.  What I learned about polyester while wearing this shirt?  That apparently you can have static cling in shirts too.  Besides the static cling issue and my constant worry that the collar facing is showing though, I think the shirt is a keeper.

Me Made June - Day 30 - My voile version of Simplicity 3835 that you have seen a booty-load of times.  Let's just say that while voile is not a cheap fabric by any stretch of the imagination, I've definitely gotten my money's worth with this shirt.

And that, my friends, is a wrap.  An extra-special thanks to Zoe for putting this all together.  Zoe, you rock!


  1. You made it! What the hell are you going to blog about in July? ;) Kidding of course, looking forward to it!

  2. the above comment cracked me up! what are you going to blog about in july? ;)

  3. What an accomplishment. In my humble opinion, everything you've made has been totally amazing. I think you should start your own line, store and perhaps modeling job.


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