Old Pattern, New Garment


Me Made June Day Number 9 - Rusted Root sweater made with Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece yarn.

I hardly ever wear this sweater and I'm not quite sure why since I actually like it.  Hmmm, perhaps I'll have to make sure that it gets back in the rotation of clothes that are actually worn.

And for Me Made June Day Number 10 , a new garment!

I realize that Simplicity 2599 has been around for quite some time but it definitely slipped under my radar during my two year sewing hiatus (you know, the time where I sewed nothing for myself because

1. I was growing human being and therefore growing myself and

2. I was breastfeeding and didn't want to invest the time and energy into making something that I knew wasn't going to fit anymore once the girlies shrank back down to their usual size).

But the pattern caught my attention recently and so I picked it up at the most recent 99 cent pattern sale at Joanns.  And then I proceeded to sequester myself in the basement for several hours and I didn't emerge again until this was all sewn up.

Please ignore the wrinkles and the awesomly bad
posture...I blame both on the fact that this picture was taken
at the end of a particularly long day

As for how it came out, I think it came out just how I hoped.  It's light and playful and seems to fit fairly well.  I think it would fit a little better if I sewed the back button on in the proper place (oops!) but I'm too lazy to cut it off and sew it on again.  I have noticed that with most garments that I've made I seem to have extra fabric in the back between my shoulder blades.  Any sage words of advice on what sort of alteration I should be making to get rid of that fabric?

As for the size, based on reviews that I read around the Internet and the size of the finished garment listed on the pattern package, it seems that the pattern is meant to run a little large and since I'm not a fan of over-sized shirts I went down a size or two and ended up cutting out the size 4 which I think was a good move.

And the ruffles?  Well, they were super-easy to make and sew on and I love them.  Enough said.

The fabric is one of the shirting fabrics that I picked up at Bolt on my way back from the Oregon coast.  It's light, airy, lovely and I love the shade of blue.  I have a small amount left over....which probably means that there will be a shirt for O coming down the pipe at some point in time.  Which is good because after seeing my new shirt O turned to me with a sad little look on her face and asked "where's my shirt?"  Apparently, it's quite upsetting when I actually make something for myself.


  1. Oh, the sad little face, they sure know how to turn it on, don't they? Cute tops, but in Australia if you ever called your top 'rusted root' you'd get some pretty odd looks!

  2. Polka dots AND ruffles?! Well done.

  3. Love the polka dots, and you should wear that sweater more, it's super cute!

  4. suuuuper cute, love the polka dots!

  5. I love that blue shirting fabric! Makes me jealous I don't live close to any fun fabric stores.

    I recently finished a Rusted Root myself (in a cotton-wool blend, not too bad for the hot Florida summer) and I'm loving it.


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