Me Made June - Days 14, 15, 16 and 17

Remember my bah-humbug attitude from last week?  Well, you'll be happy to know that I am no longer filled with Me Made June angst.  In fact, I quite like what I've worn lately (shocking, I know).

Me Made June Day 14 - a dress made from Simplicity 2209 back in March of this year.  I'm sad to say that this is actually the first time that I've worn this dress since I've made it since it's sleeveless and made with light cotton fabric and summer has yet to fully arrive in my neck of the woods.  In fact, when I wore this dress I still had to wear a sweater with it, but that actually worked out pretty well.  In wearing it, I realized that I wish I would have hemmed it to be just a little bit longer because I'm apparently 80 years old and feel that above the knee dresses are inappropriate.  But seriously, I did feel that I would have been more comfortable if it was a bit longer.  Unfortunately, there was an "incident" in the hemming process (long story that I won't bore you with), but suffice it to say that this is actually the longest that I could have made the dress.  I guess I'll just have to get over my prudish ways.

Me Made June Day 15 - back to my Simplicity 2599 blouse.  Um, can you tell that I love this blouse?  Because I do.

Me Made June Day 16 - a dress made from Simplicity 3774 probably about four years ago, during the time when I had the time and the patience to actually fit things to my body.  And it does certainly fit like a glove, which is great because it actually fits, but is also not so great because it's not always the most comfortable thing to wear (like when I overeat at lunch...not that I would ever do that).  This was also one of the first times that I made an alteration on a garment (I turned the pleats on the skirt portion of the dress into darts) and man I thought I was bad-ass.

I'm a bad mommy...I cropped my child out of the photo!

Me Made June Day 17 - my Anna Maria Horner Museum Tunic which is basically like a muumuu only slightly more stylish.  Seriously, this dress is so incredibly comfortable (I could totally overeat in it).


  1. You totally should be feeling good about all these! That blue dress is amazing. The way you've done the pattern placement is perfect, too. But, I totally sympathise about not having the patience to do all that fitting and perfection very often. Come to think of it, the dresses I have spent the most time fitting, I rarely wear. I guess comfort wins out mostly!

  2. Hey, that's the same cute fabric I saw on your little one in the previous post. I love it.

    All your MMJ items look great!

  3. Carolyn, you could wear a paper bag and still look fantastic! I love them all, especially the last dress. P.S. So glad you and O enjoyed receiving those FQs - she's a little sweetie!

  4. I love badass sewing moments. I feel brilliant when I add length to something.

  5. I really love the blue blouse! I usually don't do ruffles, but those don't look overly ruffley! The dresses are nice, also.

  6. love these! you're a total clothing rockstar! that ab dress is stunning on you.

  7. Lovely things!! The blouse is my absolute favourite!

  8. ha ha! eat all you want in that amazing super stylish muumuu!

  9. love all of them, you are amazing!


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