The Best Kind Of Mail


Allow me to reminisce for a moment...

When I was a wee little 12 year old I entered a "Pretty Woman" contest at a local video store and won (for the record, it was a called the "Pretty Woman" contest because the movie had just been released and my winning had absolutely nothing to do with my looks.  You would know that if I ever showed you a picture of my 12 year old self.  Can you saw awkward?).  I remember getting the phone call and jumping up and down afterwards, screaming "I won!  I won!"  My parents asked me what I had won and I had to admit to them that I was so excited about the prospect of winning that I didn't even listen when they told me what I had won.  It turns out that I had won a free perm (supposedly so I could look more like Julia Roberts I guess...yeah, that wasn't going to help).  It also turns out that my parents decided that they weren't going to let me get a perm so that was the end of that excitement.

Fast forward about two decades and I've won something again.  Hurrah!  Thanks to the lovely Jodi at Come Tarry With Me I am now the proud owner of two beautiful fat quarters.

which apparently make great toys when you put them on your head and run around.

Given that I'm trying to rein in the fabric purchases lately since I seem to be hemorrhaging money around here, this was a lovely and much appreciated gift.  Thank you, Jodi...truly, thank you.


  1. Ooooooh, love those quarters especially that first one! Can't wait to see what you come up with! :-)
    Almost weekend: yay! ;-)

  2. Goodness. I absolutely love the Anna Maria Horner mini tunic on your cutie pie! Adorable indeed.


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