Me Made May: Days 7 Through 11


Day 7: A me-made cycling jersey that I actually made for my husband but stole from him when I rode my bike to work the other day.  It's the first time I ever tried riding to and from work and while it's not very far, we live up a very big hill and I was a little worried that I wasn't going to make it home.  But I did.  And all without having to do the walk of shame (otherwise known as walking your bike up a hill).

Day 8: Can I just say that it's a miracle that I even wore something me-made today considering that the first thing that I put on I had to be cut out of?

I put this skirt on in the morning, only to discover that it's  now super tight and the middle of the zipper busted open while I was trying it on and I wasn't able to unzip it.  Fortunately, my husband was able to rescue me from this unfortunate situation.  He's a good man, I tell you.  After the skit fiasco, I decided to wear a me-made item that doesn't include a zipper.  Hence, this shirt.  It may not be fancy but at least I didn't have to be cut out of it.

Day 9: A me-made top made from the (free!) Scoop Top pattern by Kristin.  This version is made out of a cotton/lycra knit and I think the fabric is a bit thick and heavy for the design.  Plus, I totally screwed up the neckline and it has some unfortunate puckers in two places. We'll just consider this my wearable muslin.  I'm excited to sew it up again, next time in a lighter knit and I perhaps with a tad less flare at the bottom.

Day 10: A me-made top sewn from Simplicity 2922.  I sewed this up back in April of 2012 and I've worn it exactly zero times since then since the fit is a bit wonky.  By wearing it in Me Made May I can at least say that I've worn it once.  It's a step in the right direction, right?

Day 11:  Eleven days in...prepare yourself for some repeats.  First up is my self-drafted tee.  It's nothing special, but I do love it.


  1. I wish I had that many items in my closet that I made myself. I have like 20 shawls and scarfs that I made but I didn't dare to sew something to wear yet (do bags count? then I'd have like 15 items in my closet...)
    I'm excited to browse through your archives and explore your blog :)

  2. Love that you stole the cycling top and you didn't have to do the walk of shame! I looked into cycling to work, but it was over 9 miles, and you know, it rains here a lot!

    Oopsie on the skirt, I suspect I won't be even taking my dresses from a couple of summers ago with me this year...

  3. I love your tank in Day 10, and your t-shirt in Day 8 is the most beautiful print!

  4. Excuse me that Simplicity top is hot. You should wear it all the time! I can't tell the fit issues from here.

  5. Well, I'm sad about the yellow skirt, but I can't stop laughing about your husband having to cut it off. I can only imagine what my husband would say in that situation--he already thinks I'm a little crazy with all this sewing stuff, having to rescue me from one of my creations might put him over the edge.

  6. BTW, I finally made Simplicity 2922--is it the gathers in the back that are making the fit weird? I wear mine about once a week and love it, but I do think those back gathers are a little odd.

  7. nicely done, you! MMM posts are always really impressive to me. glad you tried the scoop top, sorry you're too skinny for it, hehe. maybe i need to do more bike riding. ;)


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