O is now officially four years old.


Not to be a total stereotype, but how did that happen?

I can't get over how tall she is, how strong she is, and how much she looks like a kid (where did my little toddler go?)

And I can't get over how much she acts like a kid.  She is incredibly silly.  Like can't-stop-laughing silly.

And she's incredibly talkative.  Like for-the-love-of-God-please-stop-talking talkative.

And her new favorite thing is to talk with a fake British accent while playing.  Where did that come from?

And while she's incredibly sweet and always down for a hug (especially since the baby was born), she is also ridiculously sassy.  Scarily so.

She loves to sing and much like her mother, she believes that the louder she sings, the better (I like to tell myself that it distracts people from noticing how atrocious my singing is).

She also has an uncanny ability to remember song lyrics and to make up some really creative ones.

She's still a massive thumb-sucker (even though we tried to get her to give it up when she turned three) and she still sleeps with a blankie every night (a minky one of course - the girl loves soft things).

But best of all, O just loves life and her excitement at even the smallest of things makes me smile nearly every day.

So happy birthday, O!  I may be a bit biased but I happen to think that you're pretty freaking awesome!


  1. so sweet. happy birthday, o!

  2. What a lucky gal to have such a great and loving mama! Happy Birthday to fabulous O!

  3. Happy happy birthday, O! She LOOKS like a talkative little gal with big personality, just from your photos. I'm right there with ya on the "big kid" thing. oy.

  4. Oh Happy Day! (sing along very loud now!) Gefeliciteerd with such an awesome big, little girl! :-)

  5. She's so beautiful! I loved four. I wish I could re-live a few days with each of my boys at that age.

  6. Happy birthday to O, love the first pic with the balloons, the one of C with the party hat on top of her sun hat, and the dog (who looks a tad long suffering lol)

  7. Stop blinking. . . it's going way too fast. ♥

  8. Happy birthday, O! Our babies sure have grown up fast. But that's okay, as much as I love babies, I love little kids, with all of their crazy funny ideas, too. :-)

  9. sweet! happy birthday to your little cutie!
    and hello long, lost friend!

  10. Happy Birthday, O! And for the record, I too have a massive thumb sucker that sleeps with a soft blankie! In fact, he just went to the washing machine and pulled it out of the washer (wet) just so he could walk around with it. lol


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