Little Ray Of Sunshine


I'm pretty sure that I've never been called a little ray of sunshine as much as I have been today.

And I'm pretty sure that it had nothing to do with my bright and cheerful personality.

If I were a betting girl (which I'm not, because I'm generally too cheap) I'd say that it had a little something to do with the bright yellow skirt that I was wearing.

Yep, it's finally done.  Truth be told, it's been done for a while now but between the cold and rainy weather that we've been having around here and having to dress up in something a bit more formal than a denim yellow skirt for work, it's been sitting on my dresser for about two weeks.

But today I said "Cold weather be damned.  I'm finally going to wear my yellow skirt!"  The question then of course was "what the heck goes with almost neon yellow?" I have no idea so I just threw on a shirt that I liked and called it good.

As for the skirt, it's made from Version 1 of Colette's Ginger skirt.  Just like the last one that I made I cut a bit off of the side to make it a bit less flared, but looking at it now I wish that I had cut off a bit more.  Perhaps for my next version (that's right, I bought fabric for one more) I'll make it even less flared.  And that one will actually be in a neutral color - gray.  Sadly, I'm pretty sure that when I wear that one no one will be calling me a little ray of sunshine.

Pattern: Ginger by Colette
Size: Cut out a size 4 for the waist and graded up to a size 6 at the hips
Alterations: Took some of the width off of the skirt to make it less flared
Fabric: Yellow denim from Joanns


  1. you are a little ray of sunshine and that blue shirt looks awesome with it too.

  2. I agree. YOu are a little ray of sunshine. If to no one else, then to me. But seeing from your photos a little cute person also feels the same way about you.
    Beautiful Sewing once again!

  3. LOVE the skirt! :) might just have to get the pattern and it's all your fault!

  4. Wow, that yellow skirt is the bomb. It's so simple yet so stunning. Well done!

  5. That skirt is very powerful. It cheered me right up! I love the shirt you wore with it. Great combo.

  6. Yellow denim never looked so hot. Love it. When we went swimming yesterday in this 61 degree temperature someone called 'end of Juneuary' I began to question why I love the Pacific Northwest so much. Seriously, a little heat wave in this part of the country wouldn't be so bad, right?!?
    Love your sewing skills.

  7. love this, the yellow is so pretty, and the pattern, I might just have to snag that up! you're so cute in your posing. :) and those shoes, I hate shoes, but those are cute, give me the scoop! :)

  8. So so cute! And I love it with the blue top! I would just like to say that anyone who cuts out a size 4 for the waist and grades out for the hips has a pretty rockin' bod!! I extra love the last picture.

  9. Looks wonderful! I would bet that it's the best thing ever made from yellow denim from JoAnn's. :-)

  10. You are so cute I can't stand it. Fantastic color choice.

  11. I love it! The color the shape and your small waist and skinny ankles ... can you tell I'm pregnant and have none of these qualities? Ha! You look terrific!


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