What To Eat When It's 80-Plus Degrees Out


Why chowder of course!

What?  You don't crave a bowl of soup when it's sweltering in your house.  Well, what's wrong with you?

Me?  I crave soup all the time and so when I decided to make some this weekend a little 80 degree weather (which counts for a heat wave in the Pacific Northwest) was not going to stop me. 

You know what else wasn't going to stop me?  The fact that I didn't have any clams to make this clam chowder.  So instead of the called-for clams I substituted a bunch of geoduck that we've had in our freezer for a ridiculously long time, never quite knowing what to make with it.  I've felt incredibly guilty about not using it since they're such a pain in the butt to catch and they were given to us by Ben's family  so I'm glad to finally be able to say that I found a delicious use for them. 

*Never heard of geoduck?  No worries.  Nobody else has either.  It's best described as appearing like a large clam with what looks to be a horse's penis attached.  Now if that doesn't make you hungry, I don't know what else will.  Go on, now - google it and tell me that I'm right.


  1. Oh you adventurous eater you. I googled geoduck and frankly chicken nuggets don't seem so scary anymore. =)

  2. I followed your link, THEN I read your description after. Tears coming out of my eyes. Maybe I could have eaten it until I read that!

  3. Oh my gosh. Chowder in summer, yes of course. But I am not convinced by the geoduck. Especially after the horse's penis comment.....the wikipedia photo doesn't look exactly appetising, although your photo above does!

  4. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah aaaahhhh ha ha hah ah ah ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hahaha hha ha ha ha hha hah ah ah ah ah ha. awesome!

  5. You know I had to ask Chef WTF a geoduck is. Without reading him this post he turns to look at me, raises and eyebrow and I am not kidding says, "it's like a clam with a horses penis and what on earth are you reading that you asked me about that?"

    He also kindly corrected my pronunciation of the word. Sometimes it pays to be married to a chef.


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