Driving Me Nuts


There are times when my little one drives me nuts (case in point, her "daddy's girl" issue has reared its ugly head again...is there anything more heartbreaking than having your toddler yell at you "go away, mama!").

And then there are times when she drives me nuts in only the best ways.

She drives me nuts with her cuteness and her spunk and her giggle and her zest for life.

Oh and she drives me nuts when she wears awesome outfits like this and makes crazy faces.

Man, I love this little kid.


  1. Oh man she is a long lost twin of Vincenzo. Like freaky similar posture and expression. You need a boy next. All mama all the time. Luca turns her nose up at me while Vinny and Rocco gaze lovingly in my general direction. Reading this comment makes me feel like the mob lives at my house. That damn Italian that I married!

  2. I dunno about that boy thing, Sascha, Joe is totally obsessed with his dad right now, and spends his days pushing me away, kicking me away, and responding to questions like, "Can you give mama a night-night kiss?" with "NO!!" (covering mouth for emphasis in case I was going to force a kiss).

    I try not to take it personally, but ... sigh. I think it's a two year old thing - rejection is so powerful! What a great way to get a rise out of your parents! Fun!

  3. Cute. Hearing you on the toddler driving you nuts. I have one little man at the moment that announces to anyone that wants to talk to him "I don't like you. Me lub my Dad!" including me. Holding it together (including the tears) for another week before DH returns and hoping that I ger my loving little boy back. Fingers crossed DH doesn't get deployed anytime soon :(


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