Take Two - Success or Failure?

While this skirt is definitely not a failure, I'm still not sure whether I'll consider it a success.  It definitely looks better than version one and it absolutely fits better than version one (although I'm thinking that perhaps I could have gone down another size...this pattern apparently has a ton of wearing ease built into the size recommendations).  I like the fabric (designed by the lovely Anna Maria Horner) and of course the pockets are girl's dream come true.

But I'm just not sure of the overall look because although it looks fairly decent in these pictures, the pleats all around the skirt make it look a little billowy (and not in a good way) at times.  I realize now that I should have taken a side-profile shot so that you could see what I'm talking about (and so you don't think I'm just nuts and overly critical).

Perhaps the skirt will grow on me.

Perhaps it won't.

Only time will tell.

I will say that when I asked my husband about the skirt he commented that it poofed out a bit under the waist band and then moved his hand to that area to flatten it down - at which point I had to tell him that it poofed out because my stomach poofed out (thank you, past pregnancy and brownie sundaes).  You've never seen a man look so horrified, wishing so badly that he could take back what just came out of his mouth.  It kind of made me giggle.

Pattern: Simplicity 2215
Size: 10
Fabric: From Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks line
Alterations: Used a smaller seam allowance when sewing on the band to make the band a bit wider.  Finished the waist band using the method described in Colette Ginger skirt pattern to make it look more finished (and by more finished, I mean that it doesn't look like crap.  Woot-woot!)


  1. I think it looks quite cute, but at the end of the day, if you don’t love it right now you’re right: only time will tell if it was a success!

  2. I like it!!!! but i totally know what you mean about the billowyness part you speak of! my first skirt was a total fail in this way. From the pictures though, yours looks great! Always a great fabric choice too :)

  3. i love this! it looks great, but I know what you mean about the pouf. Maybe if you wear it farther down on your hips? I dunno. I just remember making an apron and it was so pretty with gathers in the front, but then it kinda looked like barf on because of the excessive volume! oh well

  4. i laughed out loud at your husbands horrification! i bet he buys you flowers soon... ;)

  5. I like it. I think the more you wear it, the more you'll like it!

  6. I like it! I wish I could pull off these kinds of skirts. You on the other hand carry it so nicely. And your hubbie is hilarious.

  7. It looks lovely - i'm failing to see this tummy bulge you're talking about though .. lol!!

    I've just bought some fabric to make something similar and am toying with the idea of making the pattern up myself. I want a bit of a thicker waistband and 2 or 3 pleats in the front. I'm a bit scared of wasting the fabric if I get it wrong though! :-(

  8. I think success! I feel you on extra fabric though. I think you can totally pull it off. I love that fabric, and pockets always rule!

  9. That husband of yours is a cracker. If we lived in the same country we could put our husbands together and they would totally understand each others pain.
    Love the skirt, but hear you with you troubles. I still have not blogged mine and is a little cool now for exposed legs.

  10. You wear that skirt well and not everyone could. It has a 50's feel to it, no?
    That's cute your hubby was mortified he might have insulted you. My marraige does not have that notion of sensitivity. ; )

  11. so i love that skirt and i really love your cute shoes!

  12. i love this! i've been looking for a good simple skirt pattern, and i'm brand new to clothes making. just made my first article this week- the shearwater kaftan. i also love ANM, and have many of her good folks fabrics.

  13. would you mind saying how much fabric yardage the skirt requires? i'll probably go to Joann's next weekend to see if they have this pattern. thanks!


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