Dear Pacific Northwest


Dear Pacific Northwest, 
I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but I recently signed up to participate in Me Made June and your constant fifty-something degree temperatures and rain are really putting a damper on my ability to break into my homemade clothing. Any chance we could pump it up to the high sixties with a wee bit of sunshine? Thanks so much. 

(Allow me to point out my dedication to MMJ though…I took today's photo in the rain...)

Top: Made with instructions for Anna Maria Horner's Museum Tunic
Fabric: Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks voile

And to make Me Made June a family affair, here's O's in her mama-made outfit (just ignore the fact that she's blurry and making a crazy face).


  1. really pretty. I've been meaning to try that tutorial, but yeah, some day...

  2. I frankly admire anyone who can wear that style shirt and not look pregnant. Hats off to you lady!

  3. I am so with you, it feels like summer is never going to come. Sun...we are waiting for you!

  4. I saw this pattern on flickr and loved it! I really like that you made a top instead of a dress so might try that instead ...
    I do have to agree with the above comment about not looking pregnant as i'm a UK size 12 (is that US 8? I dont know!)but am not blessed with as flat a belly as I used to have pre pregnancies!

  5. Anonymous2.6.11

    This looks lovely!! I've had that tutorial bookmarked for a while now, but after a failed attempt at making it with some chiffon (baaaad idea), I haven't revisited it. Just might now though!

  6. what's that saying?? oh pain, no gain...
    work it girl! you're awesome!

  7. I just added on my post today that I found it via your blog, cause that's the truth. I just always forget some detail about the project! lol. Thanks for leading me to this awesome tute!


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