Jumping on the Bandwagon


So, my trip to Bolt on the way back from Oregon was fast and frenzied.  I had to pee, needed to eat, and had a toddler who wanted to pull every spool of thread off of the shelves.  I knew that I wanted to buy some shirting fabric so I tried to ignore all of the other beautiful fabrics and focus solely on the shirting.  I also knew that I wanted to pick up a couple of patterns that I can't find locally - one of them being the new Colette Ginger skirt pattern.

photo from colette patterns

Now I have to say that I'm a bit late to the Collette bandwagon (and I use that term in only the most positive sense).  I've heard people rave about these patterns for quite some time now but for some unknown reason I've just never gotten around to buying one - until now.  I can't wait to bust it open and jump on the bandwagon.  Yee-haw!


  1. I've also drooled over that pattern. I might have to succumb to it and buy the thing.......

  2. I have seen that skirt done up several times on Flickr. It is so fab! Seems to have no bad versions.

    BTW...I picked up all the Lisette patterns at the Joann's memorial day sale. Patterns for a $1, hurrah!

  3. Anonymous1.6.11

    Oooo I didn't know Bolt carried Colette patterns! I've been wanting to try the Ginger, too. Thanks for the tip.


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