Me Made June


I know that I'm a bit of a late-comer to this game, but have you heard about the awesomeness that is Me Made June?

It's a commitment to wear at least one handmade item each day in the month of June (hence the name, right?).  My favorite thing about this?  The fact that they tell you to ignore all the small mistakes in the garments and accessories that you've made and to wear them proudly, because I am notoriously bad at not wearing things that I've made because of wee little mistakes that seem glaringly obvious to me, but are probably not so obvious to other people (or so I hope).

So, I'm about to make a quasi-committment here (how very big of me, right?).  I'm going to endeavor to try to wear at least one handmade item a day in the month of June.

Knowing my attention-span, I'm guessing that this will last approximately five days but that's better than nothing right?


  1. Go girl! I am more than impressed; I wouldn't even make it one day!

  2. I did a post today - although the temp has dropped today and I will not pull of a winter Me-Made this year - thinking that I might get a few things sewn and knitted in readyness for next year:)

  3. I've only made myself one thing so I wouldn't get very far, although I am almost done with a skirt that I'm pretty excited about! You have so many cute things, I hope you make it all month!

  4. Um, yeah... no thank you. I am commitment phobic. This is so not do-able for me. Maybe Me Made One Day This Year. That I can strive for!


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