My Guilty Pleasure


We all have them, right?

Don't worry.  I won't judge because I happen to have one too - homemade chocolate pudding.

Wait, not just homemade chocolate pudding...homemade chocolate pudding with whip cream on top.

Ahh, that's better.

I can't begin to tell you how happy it makes me to sit on my couch with my little ramekin of pudding at the end of a long day, occassionally sharing a bite with a toddler who inevitably comes running my way yelling "have some, have some!"  It is pure happiness (obviously, I am not a difficult gal to please).

I've been using Dorie Greenspan's recipe and while it can be a wee bit of a pain in the butt to move things back and forth between the food processor and the pot, it is not a difficult recipe (I don't do difficult).  And best of all, it calls for fairly basic ingrediants that I usually have on hand.

Oh, chocoalte pudding, you are the reason that I still have my sanity after particularly insane days. Thank you.

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  1. i am pursuing your blog and i come across this photo of chocolate in a ramekin and my heart speeds up...nearly every night i have a ramekin of natural peanut butter and chocolate chips-microwaved for 30 seconds. is is MY sanity-saver. so funny! in fact, i just finished it about 15 minutes ago. yum.


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