I'll Take My Rest Wherever I Can Get It


Photo by the lovely and talented Chara Michele
Yesterday morning I had a dentist appointment and as I laid back in the dentist chair with a piece of plastic propping my mouth open, gauze stuck in my cheek, and some high-pitched instrument drilling away at my tooth, all I could think was "man, if feels so good to lay down."


  1. Anonymous10.2.11

    I just laughed way too hard at work ... hilarious!

  2. very funny.
    you are hilarious!
    and the picture is gorgeous!

  3. The picture is AWESOME!!
    I think you should call Aunt Debbie....she can watch baby O; and you can watch the back of your eye lids! This little story made me laugh....I remember feeling that way too!

  4. Oh man, that is too good! I sometimes have that feeling while on the toilet...that it feels good just to sit down and not think about anything for a few seconds.


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