Bubble Skirt - Take Two


Top three things I love about Ella's Bubble Bottom Skirt.

1. Elastic waists are so forgiving when you're not sure of the EXACT size of the child that you're making it for.

2. It's quick and easy.  (I sewed the entire thing while my husband and daughter were grocery shopping, although I did have the fabric already cut out)

3. It's just so freaking cute.

This is my second time making this pattern (which is always a good sign)...this time it's for my next door neighbor who is turing 7 later this month.

I thought I  had sworn off giving away handmade items after the reaction that I got at Christmas, but somehow I found myself sewing this little skirt up.

If this goes poorly I swear I'm taking a handmade gift hiatus!


  1. Freaking cute, indeed!!! I have some nieces that would benefit from this pattern.

  2. That is adorable. What is that beautiful fabric?

  3. Thanks so much, Jane! The fabric is Gypsy Garden by Windham Fabrics. It must have made quite an impression on me because I have it in yellow too!

  4. LOVE IT!!!! Kylie has a birthday coming soon...well in June, but we just wanted to give you enough time! :)

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