Flash Back (Finished Pre-Blog)


I've always been fascinated by rag rugs, but the fact is that I need another reason to hoard scraps like I need another hole in my head. 
When I came across this tutorial though, I knew that this project was perfect for me.

1) I could go out and buy just the right amount of fabric for the project and therefore avoid the need to save scraps for years on end (although I suppose this defeats the purpose of a "rag rug").

2) The resulting rug would be relatively small (you know, just in case this project turned out to be a disaster).

So off I went with my jelly roll  in hand, braiding away, and sewing it all together.

I wish I had a picture from when I made this rug.  Just imagine me sitting at the dining room table for hours on end, with my big, pregnant belly, surrounded by yards and yards of braided fabric.  It was glorious.

And now this little rug sits at the edge of Baby O's crib.  My how times change.


  1. So cute! I too love the look of rag rugs. And it is perfect size for a crib.

  2. I love this rug! I wasn't impressed when I saw the tutorial on Moda Bake Shop a while ago, but I love yours. I might need to make this for my kitchen.

    By the way, in response to your comment on my blog--they recommend servicing your machine at least once a year--more often if you sew a lot. I've only had mine 9 months, but it was acting pretty sick. (I couldn't track down your email so I'm just stalking you here).


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