Almost Better Than A Cup of Coffee in the Morning (But Not Quite)


Saturday morning I got the best gift a girl could get...three uninterrupted hours of sewing (thanks to a very nice husband and cooperative toddler).  I spent that time cutting out and sewing up Ella's Bubble Bottom Skirt from Patterns By Figgys.  

You gotta love a skirt that you can sew up in a morning.  Especially when it comes out this cute!

The Topless Versions

Hey, when you look this good
you don't have to wear a shirt! 

I've never made a bubble skirt before so I don't know how you typically construct one, but I know that the elastic waist on this skirt was different than a "typical" elastic waist and I love the way it came out.  

I made the 18 month size and despite the fact that Baby O will be be 18 months in a couple days it seems a bit big for her, but hopefully that means that it'll still fit her when summer comes around because I don't think we'll be having skirt-weather for much longer.  

In the mean time, it appears to be the perfect outfit for gardening.


  1. CUUUUTE! And I love that mermaid fabric. I have a robe out of it myself.

  2. This is so darling! And I love the whole look with the tights and cute grey shoes. I'm very curious to know how you like the Figgy's t-shirt pattern. I'm planning on getting one soon.

  3. What an adorable sweetheart!

    I'm so happy you liked the pattern, and also love that fabric.

    I'm hoarding my mermaids :)


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