My Ode To The Triangle


Quilting has led me to develop a new found respect for something that perhaps doesn't get a whole lot of respect - the triangle.  It's an amazing little shape.

Turn a couple triangles this way and you have a square.

Turn a couple triangles that way and you have a diamond.

Spin them around a bit and behold, you have a pinwheel block (or lots of pinwheel blocks)

And that's how the triangles will stay.

I'm in the midst of making a pinwheel quilt...finished size yet to be determined.  Not a whole lot of planning went into this quilt.  I'm going to see how many blocks I get from the 7 fat quarters that I had, see what size sashing looks best with the blocks and go from there.  Of course, I could have calculated this all beforehand but that would have required a little thing that I like to call effort...and that is something that is in short supply around here nowadays.

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